All Work And No Play

Morning world. How is it all going with you?

Well I trust?

Over here in Magnet Land things are taking a turn for the better (?) with the advent of working to a new timetable.

It feels quite odd because I haven’t worked to a timetable since I was in school but in many ways it seems the most natural thing in the world to do (and they say conditioning doesn’t happen in schools!). All I need do is glance at the top of my screen and it tells me very simply exactly what I should be doing at that moment in time, courtesy of an app called iTimeTable 2 and very clever it is too.

I was talking to a good friend the other day and asked her how she managed to keep everything on the boil at the same time because at this moment in time I have so much going on, I can almost barely manage to focus and all of my work is suffering, with my screenplays not getting a fair crack of the whip, my novel stalling through a lack of time set aside to write and also my research is done on the hop instead of in advance and properly. She informed me that a friend of her husband had advised them both to try a school timetable style day planner and it had started to make a difference as soon as it was put into practise. Well over the weekend I wrote up my new timetable and yesterday it came into control and worked very well I must say considering it was day one of the experiment.

I am not quite sure if I have it right just yet but as it is a work in progress, it appears to be doing the job required on organising the early and later parts of my day, I just need to master that middle bit where it is much more fluid as it involves leaving the house to go to the Gym or walk the dog and you all know how I love to leave the house and walk the dog in the beautiful sunshine we are experiencing at the moment here in sunny Wantage (although this can very quickly turn to cold weather, rain and a well enjoyed hermit status 😉 )

One thing I like about my new timetable however (yes, apart from the label in the toolbar telling me what I should be doing) is that it really does help with making my day more enjoyable. You see, when you spend a great deal of time at home on your own and are lost in the depths of a fantasy you are writing, life can become a touch lonely and devoid of reality. Plus I never seem to have enough time to manage to get anything done.

At present I am obviously writing my blog as you all know because let’s face it, you read it every day, but I am also writing commercially (as in writing for financial gain) in the form of a novel, although this is a good ways off as yet and takes a long time to get to any standard where someone from the relevant authority might want to read it. I am also running out of time with just these two activities alone without even considering the others I am involved in, such as:

  • Re-writing my first screenplay Cracksman
  • Finishing researching and writing my second screenplay
  • Researching a children’s screenplay
  • Researching an anniversary screenplay (obviously time sensitive)
  • Researching and ideas gathering for two separate situation comedies although the actual titles and characters are almost all developed
  • Arranging my Charity walk on the Ridgeway for 2016
  • Working at length to get some traction for the obesity issues I want to raise in a bid to remove the negativity toward this group
  • Writing, directing, recording and starring in my new Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet You Tube channel
  • Writing and recording my new Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet Podcast
  • Managing my own weight loss
  • Attending the Gym sessions and classes
  • Continuing with my daily blog
  • Continuing with my novel writing and extensive research for the same

As you can see, I am a very busy chap. All of the above takes time and much of it gets forgotten. What I am hoping to achieve is a way of getting most of it done and also allowing me some free time at the weekends because as Jack wrote “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” It is I suppose an attempt at achieving some kind of normality where I can relax at the weekend (although I do usually end up working on the above!) It also gives me time to recharge my batteries and time to come up with even more new ideas!

The downside of being a creative sort is that you never believe your work is finished, you never consider the downtime required to think up new ideas that trust me, don’t care when then come and finally, inspiration has no timetable. When you need to write, you need to write! Ooh! Get me! I know I sound like an artsy luvvy sort there folks and I really don’t want to, but it is quite amazing to find that once you finally let the juices flow, what can come spilling out. I just hope that I can do my ideas justice and get them onto paper because one day it could all dry up.

I am also realistic enough to understand that if my creativity doesn’t yield any results I know I will have to face the idea of none of the above panning out for me and if that is the case then I shall simply take it on the chin and get back to work where I have a boss that tells me what to do and when knowing there are only three main points on my timetable, start time, lunch time and home time 😉

But I hope I can stave that reality off for a good while yet… 🙂

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

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