A Trifle Of Concerns

Morning everyone and thank you for tuning in to the still ruminating Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet.

Today is a new day and along with the sun coming out once again, the issue with my back has calmed down enough to be able to at least sit without being in total pain. I had decided to take some pain killers this morning should it be too much and now having removed them from the blister pack, I will now leave them alone once more because as I sit, I am in better form than I was upon rising this morning so lets see if we can walk that last little bit of pain away a bit later.

I have recently been troubled by my ability to eat more than I thought I might be able to. I have moved on to solid foods and am now eating pretty much what I like, As I have said before I am not allowed any salad as yet (who would have dreamed that I the WBFM would be asking if I could eat salad? The world has gone crazy!) or veggies (no loss there 😉 ) But I am a little concerned I may be overdoing it as I learn what is enough and what is not.

Yesterday I ate my usual yogurt and protein shake for my breakfast, then because I was out of the house for elevensies, I didn’t bother. However when I got home, I cooked a couple of sausages and some bacon. At that sitting I had only one sausage and two rashers of bacon and I was full. Now I am concerned by this because I wonder if I should be able to eat this much even though, when you break it all down (or mash it up) it would definitely fit easily into a ramekin sized bowl. Later in the day I had a piece of fish that again, although looked big, if it were mashed, it would fit easily into the size of bowl I am allowed.

Toward the end of the day my stomach growled again so I had the other sausage and two more rashers. Now in the grand scheme of things, this is hardly a great deal of food to consume in one day but I worry incase I have gotten it all wrong. Today I now know that there are zero ill effects from eating these items (I know people who three years on from their surgery cannot even manage the smallest piece of chicken without being sick) but I have some weird thing in the back of my mind questioning if it is okay that I ate these things. I know they were good quality and not fat, water or additive filled but I do question their suitability even if they are almost pure protein.

I think therefore I shall call the Nurse at the Oxford Bariatrics and see what she advises. I know I haven’t been sitting around the house eating chocolate or cheese, or chips or crisps so I would hope what I actually have done is okay, plus apart from Sunday, where I was expecting to go to the gym and do some activity, I have still remained active so am burning calories.

I suppose I may be worrying unnecessarily, but after watching a program called My 600lbs Life I think I may have reason to after witnessing how one of the patients (Pauline) was able keep her weight almost static after her surgery. I personally found this was a bit of a worry for me to see it actually being possible. The lady in question was 678lbs at the start of the weight loss procedure and was sent home to lose 60lbs in the coming month. When you see her at home you know this is not going to happen because her son is being sent out for huge chicken salads with large Cokes and other non diet foodstuff, so when she returns to the Doctors surgery she is “surprised” to find she has put 2lbs on and starts coming up with excuses. The Surgeon decides she has to be admitted to the hospital to help with the weight loss and off she goes kicking and screaming and moaning about this. Two weeks later she has lost 40lbs from living on the hospital diet alone, she is given surgery and because she refuses to move after surgery, she is confined to the hospital once more as they fit a blood clot filter in her leg (anaesthesia is linked to pulmonary embolism) because the risk is so great. After two months she has lost 140 lbs and you would think that it has started to sink in and she must be realising the goodness it is doing her but no, she refuses to be helped, refuses exercise and physiotherapy along with refusing to be weighed.

She basically refuses to do what is recommended, believing she is in control of her weight loss as she knows her body better than anyone else. Now I mean the lady no ill but it is examples like this that do give Bariatric patients a bad name where after a year, even the Surgeon stands in front of the camera and has to admit defeat acknowledging that she doesn’t want help but a magic pill and that this attitude will probably see her dead within another year.

Now I know I am a far cry from this lady and it is a terrible shame that she is behaving like this after being given a chance at a better life but it does get the gears in the grey matter whirring away and make me think to myself am I being like this or am I doing okay? I personally no longer make the processed food choices of pre op Cam eating only fresh foods and taking on only sensible low carb zero sugar foods or protein shakes and yoghurt for other meals. However, when someone like Pauline can take such drastic measures to help with weight loss, completing one year of the program still only having lost what she did whilst under the care of the hospital, it is quite a worrying scenario to consider and one that I honestly hope does not happen to me.

Therefore I shall call the Nurse as I said and run it all past her. At least I am being active (back permitting!) although probably not as active as my imagination when it starts to run away with itself! But then that is the nature of the beast, it needs a good head start on reason in order to leave us doubting.

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

2 thoughts on “A Trifle Of Concerns

  1. Osyth says:

    I think it inevitable that you will question everything at this stage. You want to be clear that you are getting it right because you genuinely want to be fit and well and that means doing the right thing for the rest of your (long) life. As for the programme … I so wish that the media would stop cherry picking the worst to give the audience the sensationalist pap it wants. My husband sent me a note from Boston last night … a black man had been shot in the chest. Died. The journo spoke to the local mayor – a black woman and said ‘would this have happened if he was white?’ She replied ‘I do not think it helpful to ask that question or to speculate in that manner’. Way to go Mrs Mayor – the media need to rethink their approach in so many things and Obesity is one of them. Of course, we need to stop signing up to the pap and demand better, fairer, more balanced and truthful coverage as readers and viewers 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

    Sensational sells!
    That is the long and the short of it.
    Even I as an even tempered been there and done it (although not to that degree 678lbs) guy, found it virtually if not completely impossible to relate to the woman I referred to. We all know there are people out there in the world who will not help themselves but they don’t represent the norm and it is unfortunate they get the most column inches and media minutes. It is unfortunately what sells.
    We must change it and posify ( a new made up word a day keeps the thesaurus away) the stigma of fat people. Join my crusade everyone!


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