A Static Sunday

Well yesterday was a bit of a bust.

I had planned to do so much but when it came to it I was pretty much static all day long.

I woke with such a pain in my lower back, I could barely walk and this carried on for the rest of the day. It made my trip to the gym a bit of a waste, not completely pointless, but not as rewarding as I would have liked. Obviously all my fault and Steffi remained as blameless as anyone could. She was attentive and professional throughout and regardless of my back issues was positive going forward.

She sat patiently with me and asked me question after question as I fidgeted in my seat trying to get comfortable. We discussed my goal settings, we discussed my diet and we discussed what best way to use the membership. I was weighed (132.9 kg on the Gym scale with clothes on so I shall use this as my reference for a weekly weigh in) took my blood pressure (115 over 77 so text-book) and measured the peak flow of my lungs (about 520 Litres/Minute)

It was all pretty harmless but then it had to be as I was barely moving. Afterward we arranged a new appointment where Steffi could hand over my new program for my gym sessions and then called it a day. I shall look forward to this very much as I do enjoy my trips to the gym! I hobbled off and went to mothers to explain to my little pal Archie that I would not be walking him that afternoon and that was me done. Not very exciting to be sure but that’s what happens when you are immobilized with pain.

As I have said previously I have stopped all of my pain medication as I kind of felt I needed a break from it plus I didn’t really want to hurt my stomach any more than need be as it healed. Perhaps I was okay over the last little while because there was still pain med residue in my system and this was enough to counteract the twinges I was feeling as my body changes shape but yesterday? No, yesterday was a return to my old pain scores, unable to stand, unable to walk properly when I finally do get upright and also unable to find a place to put myself.

I suppose it had to happen sometime and I should not be surprised when it does but it never ceases to amaze me how much it pole-axes me when it hits this hard. The Doctor has long since maintained that the back pain is directly related to my weight and I am sure to a certain degree it is along with the Osteoarthritis I was diagnosed with in my lower back.

So I suppose as my body changes shape and I lose weight, my skeleton will inevitably change position and I will inevitably feel pain, I just wish it was gone and I was already past that stage. Maybe I aggravated it yesterday with all of my gallivanting around and sitting in hard wooden chairs for so long or maybe, as oddly as it sounds, it is the fact that I had to wear my belt done up to its newly cut tightest setting in order to stop my trousers falling down! I know in the past my back has suffered when I have worn a belt but never for this long for sure.

So what next?

Well I spent the day fairly immobile but still stayed away from the pain killers because they dehydrate me so badly I don’t want to take them as they make my fluid intake requirements that much worse, after all, I am still barely learning to get the correct fluid levels on board as it is! I will probably take it easy today and endeavour to do some light stretching that will hopefully see me moving a bit more freely so I can walk the dog but that will be decided as the day progresses. One thing I do find about being static and sat in doors all day is that I struggle for my blog writing inspiration when there is no interaction with other people but at least today, I have my photographer friend coming round to take some new weight loss pictures so that will give you guys something to see soon and allow me to update all of my pictures for newer slimmer me’s.

With that in mind, although today was a bust, it may well be worth while tuning back in soon for a sneak preview of the photos… 😉

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

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