A Static Sunday

Well yesterday was a bit of a bust.

I had planned to do so much but when it came to it I was pretty much static all day long.

I woke with such a pain in my lower back, I could barely walk and this carried on for the rest of the day. It made my trip to the gym a bit of a waste, not completely pointless, but not as rewarding as I would have liked. Obviously all my fault and Steffi remained as blameless as anyone could. She was attentive and professional throughout and regardless of my back issues was positive going forward.

She sat patiently with me and asked me question after question as I fidgeted in my seat trying to get comfortable. We discussed my goal settings, we discussed my diet and we discussed what best way to use the membership. I was weighed (132.9 kg on the Gym scale with clothes on so I shall use this as my reference for a weekly weigh in) took my blood pressure (115 over 77 so text-book) and measured the peak flow of my lungs (about 520 Litres/Minute)

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