The Sun Has Got His Hat On!

Hip, Hip, Hip Hooray!

Oh yes ladies and gentlemen of the internet, the sun has got his hat on where I live and it is glorious!

It makes life seem so much more enjoyable.

Everything becomes less of a chore and much more achievable and all that has happened is the dark clouds have drifted apart to reveal a sunshine hidden for too long.

When the sun comes out we get a spring in our step, we get some extra motivation and it improves almost everyone’s mood by at least ten fold. ¬†I know from personal experience I am far more likely to be in a much more upbeat mood if I see the sun shining in a brilliant blue sky. I am far more likely to move about the apartment and tidy up, far more likely to put a wash on and far more likely to leave the sanctity of my own four walls.

Yesterday was such a day. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to walk the dog on such a lovely day as I had too many other things to be getting on with, but I shall make up for it today when I walk his little legs off, weather permitting of course ūüėČ So I pottered around the house in a great mood, I wrote some more of my novel, planned a little more of a children’s story I have bubbling in the background and I also went out with two lovely ladies.

Ooh! Get me!

The first lovely lady is my old school friend and I think my very first girlfriend (I was eleven after all) Helen, who collected me in the afternoon and took me over the hills and far away to a land where time had forgotten, where they still sold peanut brittle in a cardboard box and meats and vegetables free from additives and pesticides. What a lovely place to be taken. I had dressed accordingly (or so I thought) in a polo shirt, some shorts and a pair of slip-on shoes, but by the time I got to the ground floor to be collected, I knew I was inadequately dressed for the time of year. The sun may have been shining through my windows, warming the cockles of my stoney heart up there the top floor but down here in the real world, it was blowing a gale and the day was succumbing to a cool breeze. Still, I manned up none the less and took it on the chin until we got out of the car at our destination and were hit with an even stiffer breeze flying in off of the hills!

Well I’m all for the great outdoors as you know, and I love the big sky that you get up in this part of the world, but my goodness me not in shorts and a Polo shirt I don’t! I completely wimped out and insisted we head¬†immediately into the lovely farm shop and inspect the goods on sale and try a strong pot of tea. Helen¬†was not the happiest to say the least. She had picked the spot especially because of the location and vista wanting to soak it all in, as on Monday she is due to return to the city of Prague where beautiful sights are generally much more under the hand of architects from the history books and not from the creation of the earth in its natural rolling state (or as natural as we get today)

So life at the farm shop was good. The selection of foods was amazing, the selection of cakes was even better and I was even tempted enough to share a small piece of flapjack. We ordered then retired to our table only for me to tip over a jug of milk that was already sat on there. But I did it the right way, I tipped it over Helen’s¬†side of the table and chair so I was in the clear. I wasn’t sitting there and I having just undergone major surgery I¬†let my friend clear up my mess (thank you for that Helen!!) After my little accident we carried on nattering at ten to the dozen (well there is no use crying over spilt milk… ūüėČ ) and were still able to enjoy the glorious vista through the many windows in the building.¬†I really do have to recommend this small farm shop; and no matter that it is out-of-the-way it is well worth the journey for the view alone, so many thanks to my pal for introducing me to it.

As ever, time began to betray and we were soon having to get back, me to take another friend out for a birthday treat and Helen to attend to her children need’s and also prepare for her journey back to Eastern Europe.¬†The relentless chatting carried on all of the way home and how lucky am I that it did. We started to discuss the children’s¬†story¬†I have been working on that actually has Eastern Europe as a main focal point, when she announced that I should go out to Prague¬†to¬†do some research and whilst I was there, I could stay with her and her husband Christian. What a result! In fact, strangely enough, a friend had asked me the night before if I was going anywhere this year (she isn’t a hairdresser by the way) and I had said no, but now it looks as though I may get a couple of days in Prague under the guise of a research trip! What a little Brucie Bonus!

I returned home, said my goodbyes to Helen and retired to my apartment to change into some more suitable attire (okay, something a bit warmer!) and drop off my purchases of sausages (I do so like a tasty cumberland!) some top quality smoked back bacon and some milk. After changing I gathered up my next “date” from loitering around the bottom of my apartment and walked her to the pub. I was full of the joys of early summer but unfortunately she was not, so I spent the journey to the pub where we were due to¬†eat by talking nonsense and trying to lift her mood. Upon my arrival it appears the sun had been shining there too¬†because instead of being met with derision (the usual pub banter) I was greeted cordially by all I knew and told how well I was looking and how great it was to see me slimming down. The compliments just kept coming and the day just got more enjoyable!

As it was my friend Tracy’s birthday, I treated her to a spot of dinner and continued to raise her spirits. By the end of the dinner, it appeared that some of my magic had worn off because she was a different person to the one I had met earlier. She even agreed¬†to watching the football and was still quite pleased for me when my team won, even though in her heart of hearts she wanted penalties!

So the good vibes from the sunshine just kept on coming and by being shared around everyone I met was in jovial good spirits. Like I said, the sun puts everyone in the best of moods, waves the “love thy neighbour” banner higher and clearer than normal and lets us do for each other so much more readily.

And since my operation, I have noticed that regardless of the weather outside, in my heart it continues to shine ūüôā

Do you get that too I wonder?

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

2 thoughts on “The Sun Has Got His Hat On!

  1. Osyth says:

    Definitely a sunshine girl … I truly believe in SAD syndrome and its negative effects. For me, it can be as cold as you like (dressing appropriately is the key here Cam ūüėČ ) and it does get very cold here in Winter but if the sun shines, I am a happy bunny

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