Nothing Much Cooking

Morning everybody, not a great deal cooking at the moment I’m afraid. I have been spending the bulk of my time dealing with the sales on eBay and getting things ready for dispatch. It looks like a good percentage will sell so I shall have a little money to replace some clothes when I am a touch slimmer and Cinders may well go to the ball after all 😉 I also received a link to the interview I was asked to partake in for and was very pleased to read how well it was written and also pleased that it is another way of extending the reach of the blog and speak to like minded people who really get it (Bariatrics) unlike the media who portray us as fat, lazy scroungers.

Yesterday I was supposed to be going to the TFD Gym to discuss my membership with Lisa the owner and also arrange a new goal setting regimen with a personal trainer but after the taking of the second to last anti-biotic, everything kind of slipped by the wayside somewhat and I spent the day feeling nauseous, so it was unfortunately kicked to the curb for the day but will be re-visited today. Anyway, after the crappy feeling had passed, I did manage to walk the dog around the small brook near my mothers house where I was fortunate enough to be privy to some 11 year old children swearing at the tops of their voices for fun. Oh what japes they must have had. I don’t know, it all seems a little disgusting to my ears really and I hope I wasn’t like that myself but I possibly was so I simply ignored them and continued walking until his lordship performed and I no longer had to endure his blowing off in the confined space of the car! You would not have thought something so cute and small could manifest such a toxic cloud… 😉

After his walk, I returned him to my mothers house and I came home to catch up on my food intake (a piece of fish then a thin sliver of spicy chicken just before bed) and that was me for the day so as I say, nothing much to report in the life of the Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet; and last night saw me go to my bed after taking the very last sickness inducing tablet, so today I am hoping I shall feel as right as ninepence and no longer have to continually type the bloody word nausea when describing my day or how I feel!

I have decided that today I shall attend the gym and make all of the arrangements for my return. I will also take the dog out again and hopefully manage a good distance walk and start feeling the benefit of finally being finished with the anti-biotic’s, the bladder infection and the recovery of the gastric sleeve procedure. It will be so good to finally feel like I am on the mend, after all it’s why I endured the surgery in the first place so I hope this is the start of feeling more excellent on a daily basis than I have done in many years.

One very good thing happened yesterday. It came from a text message and picture I received of a Ford Escort MK2 rally car and a description of a days one to one instruction where a rally licence is earned at the end of it. I happened to say that this is something I would absolutely love to do myself and have now been offered the chance, so once I have met a target weight of 15 stone (so there are no issues with access to the car or mobility once in the car) I shall be booked in and spend the day driving the Escort like I stole it. Obviously the final target weight is lower than 15 stone but I reckon 15 stone is reachable by this time next year and with something like this on offer, I don’t want to be waiting too long to take them up on it!

Well it would be rude to keep them waiting 🙂

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

2 thoughts on “Nothing Much Cooking

  1. Osyth says:

    The children swearing reminds me of a freind (from Challow, actually) who told me that he heard the F word when a first year at primary school and, assuming that it was an invention of his classmate proceeded to use it to his mother when he got home. ‘Can I have an F’ing glass of squash’, ‘I want to watch F’ing TV’, ‘The cat needs to F off’ etc etc. He was entirely shocked when his mother scooped him up, lay him across her knee and soundly spanked him. She was from the East End and explained in rich terms why he should NEVER use the word again … 🙂

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