I Think The Word I Am Looking For Is Doh!

You wouldn’t believe it. I am such a dolt. You really should call me Homer and I don’t mean the one who wrote The Iliad or The Odyssey. I mean the one who is yellow, has three fingers and a bald head with a walnut sized brain between the ears…! I have been feeling terrible like I said over the past wee while and well, you are never going to believe this but this time it is all because of the tablets I am taking to make me well again. Ridiculous! I was prescribed an anti-biotic drug by the name of Trimethoprim. One developed to actually work against bladder infections by reducing the actions of certain proteins and enzymes in the body. Well it appears to be staving off the infection but at a cost. When I googled the said drug, I was presented with a list of side effects and nearly all of them matched my symptoms. Unreal. It stated that the user may experience the following:

  • Loss of appetite,
  • Nausea,
  • Vomiting,
  • Diarrhoea,
  • Abdominal pain,
  • Abnormal taste,
  • A swelling of the tongue.

Quite unbelievable.

The first two hit the nail on the head and then the fourth and fifth ones were accurate also. I am happy to say that I didn’t throw up because I am very concerned about damaging myself should I actually experience that but as for the abnormal taste, well I think I have gotten away with that along with the loss of the cravings for chocolate and sweet sugary foods. As for the swelling of the tongue well I would always say that I have sounded odd so that symptom may well have been with me since the day I stepped onto this mortal plane… 😉

Suffice to say I was such a happy chap to learn that the reason for my feeling crap was the fact that the anti-biotics behind my getting well were obviously doing their job and there was no real issues with my post op tummy. I just hope that over the coming months I learn to relax a bit more about it and start being a bit more stress free when it comes to the everyday worries that I have when I think I may be damaging myself. I know all too well that my worries are no doubt unfounded but I do have a very vivid imagination as I am sure you will all agree as readers of this little blog… 🙂

So, I went to see the man who did this to me and to get some answers, but first I spoke to the Dietician Caroline. We went through all of the things I had been eating and all of the things I expected to eat. I have been warned off of salad and veggies for a little while longer (another 8 weeks – woohoo!) as they take up too much room and don’t offer as much nutrition as I can get from my protein. So it pretty much stays the same. I must continue to eat protein first and ensure I get all of my fluids on board, after that well, I need to be sensible. I was also told that eventually my brain will understand what my stomach is telling it. It’s all mixed signals at the moment so my tummy doesn’t really know what it wants and therefore can’t even begin to talk to my brain! I did at least get confirmation of the above reason for my feeling tom and dick for most of the week and it was like I said, the anti-biotic I was prescribed can really do a number on you and make you feel dreadful even though the pills are there to make you better in the long run. A bit backward really but at least I had it confirmed. I also had a hospital sized confirmation of my weight loss since the operation as being just over 12 Kgs, which is a figure that she was delighted with. She said it would slow down but I was doing well so far and she would expect a drop of a little bit more than that by the next time I go in so I should be aiming for about 115 Kgs by my next appointment, so lets see what happens.

So after a short spell with Caroline and having covered everything I needed to know (or rather she needed  to know) we booked a new appointment for early June. That will be three months after the operation and things should really have settled down by then.

Finally, I was taken through to see Bruno Sgromo the Chief Surgical Consultant to discuss my recovery. My first question to him was exactly as I said it would be “What took so long”? Well it turns out nothing much! The operation lasted for about three hours and although I was under at 11.35 am, I was not in the theatre until just gone midday. This means that I was coming out of surgery a little after three o’clock in the afternoon and into recovery. The reason why I took so long in recovery was the anaesthetic had knocked me for six and I just kept slowly falling in and out of consciousness. There was nothing untoward, nothing nefarious and nothing underhand. I was even allowed to see the surgical notes myself and saw the graph for my vital signs run pretty much perfectly along the entire time I was out for the count. After finding this out, I have to confess to being totally relaxed about everything else. I was asked if there were any swallowing problems – No, if there was any vomiting – No, and any excess pain – No. So everything appears to be okay.

I asked about my back pain and was told it is basically the skeleton righting itself each day after having carried around all of this weight for so many years. Now it is slowly coming off, the skeleton shifts and new muscles are bought into play to help keep me upright. These muscles have had an easy time of it as other muscles and pain killers have taken the brunt of the movement and core strength for the past several years, so its all new for the ones that are being asked to cope with it now. That’ll teach them lazy muscles 😉

I am therefore a totally happy chappy. My imagination that was running wild has calmed down now that I am safe in the knowledge I have no stomach issues and the operation itself had no issues. It is amazing how the head can really hang something over you and although I wasn’t actually walking around under a cloud, far from it in fact, I was certainly always aware of it in the back of my mind. Still, that is all over and now I must just continue my good work and slowly ease myself back into life and the general population at large. Only after I had left the OCDEM building at the Churchill hospital with a smile on my face and reached my car did I remember I wanted to ask when I could go back to the gym. Now at this point I am not sure if lady luck was smiling or frowning on me, because I looked up from my car and I could see the surgeon in his ground floor office just ten yards away from where I stood. Normally I would not be so bold but I threw caution to the wind, walked over and knocked his window. He looked up and seeing it was me he opened it although confused only to hear me ask “When can I go back to the Gym?” to which he replied a touch too quickly for my liking “This minute if you want!”

Not sure if I like the sound of that…

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

6 thoughts on “I Think The Word I Am Looking For Is Doh!

  1. Aubrie says:

    Glad to hear that you have answers and that it’s just the medication making you feel crappy! It’s definitely scary when your mind makes you travel to the scariest places imaginable! Hope you start feeling tip top again soon! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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