A Trip To The Doctor’s

No, not those kind of Doctors, the time lords of Gallifrey, but the ones that opened me up a few weeks back and took away most of my stomach….

Morning everyone, today see’s me taking a trip to the Churchill hospital for the first time since my operation over four weeks ago now. It is incredible to think that it has already been four weeks but also I have to keep reminding myself that it has only been four weeks since I underwent major surgery and as such it should be no surprise to me that I spend all my days fluctuating between feeling great and feeling pretty sub par!

I am booked in at the hospital at 15.00 to firstly see the nurse and get some checks done on my blood pressure – already down to 110 over 75, my weight – now around 131 Kgs and possibly some vital statistics. Maybe they will take a blood draw, after all it would be rude not to as I haven’t had a needle stuck in me since last Thursday, so it must be about time my pin cushion status was renewed. If they do I shall ask them to screen everything in me to see why I fluctuate so rapidly from feeling great to the opposite. Each time I stand at present I get a very light head, when I eat I become uncomfortable very quickly and even drinking water appears to do the same. I would doubt I have created any kind of blockage as the discomfort passes and eventually I get a hunger pang or two. Still plenty for the nurses to look into.

Once I have finished with them I shall be on my way to see the Surgeon who performed the procedure (or at least maybe his boss) and I will have several questions for him. Firstly why am I experiencing back pain below my shoulder blades? Surely the Laparoscopic surgery side affects of sore neck and shoulder’s should have passed by now? I shall also ask why I have a pain to the left hand side of my midriff as there appears to be no damage or cuts at that point and it is no where near the new stomach site. It is the sort of pain that feels like a muscle has been pulled but it has only appeared over the last two weeks and having been almost completely sedentary, I cannot imagine how I came about it…

The main question I shall be asking however, is why I was under the anaesthetic for so long. I recall going into theatre at about 11.20 and by the time they got all of the canula’s into my hands and wrist and were sending me off to sleep, I looked at the clock and saw it read 11.35 am. Why then when my Mother phoned at 1pm was she told that I hadn’t gone in yet even though I had been unconscious for an hour and a half by that time? Then when she called again at 3.30pm she was told I was in and was just being finished up? I came too on the recovery ward at about 4.45 or possibly earlier, I cannot be sure as I was under the influence of some pretty good drugs 😉 but I didn’t make my way up to the ward until gone 7pm. It all appears to be so vague in timescale in a procedure that is expected to take only 90 minutes or so and yet I was unconscious for so long. None of it really makes any sense and it got especially more weird when the guy who was in theatre after me said he had been delayed because of a previous operation that had complications. Was that my operation or another? I still have no idea. The Doctor that did his rounds on the Saturday morning (the morning after the surgery) told me that everything went well and there were no complications.

All very strange.

I have called the hospital on several occasions to ask if I could speak to someone that would be able to tell me what happened yet I am still in the dark as no one has returned my call. I was told in the first week that there was a skeleton staff and then the same in the second week post surgery. After that I was obviously unwell with an infection so it was not a priority for me but now? Today? You can be damn sure I want to find out what happened.

I have need of a few questions being answered as I said but strangely I am not looking forward to being told they did some experimental research on me once they had me open…

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

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