Well That’s Ten Hours I’ll Never Get Back Again

Well I have finally finished, thank the gods of eBay it is all over. I have listed all of the clothing items that are now too big and now all I need do is sit back and let the bids roll in.

But they won’t will they.

I will no doubt have countless questions from idiots who will not read the entire advert. People who will ask me what would be answered if they only just read the text I had so lovingly prepared for them along with the photographs that show as much detail as I can possibly muster. The best ones are when you start an auction at set price of say £25 and someone messages you to ask if you would sell whatever it is for £5. How can someone be so stupid that they think you would be willing to come down by that amount and the auction has only just begun, but that is how these people work.

Perhaps I am doing it all wrong by valuing items at a comparable price that I feel is good value for money and one that should see the item sell while all I need do is wait for A.N. Other eBay expert to come along and offer me a fraction of the starting price then become upset with me when I refuse. It is basically like hosting an online jumble sale.

I remember the Cubs and Scouts jumble sale and having to help out and was always amazed when something was marked up at 5 pence and the bargain hunter would ask if 2 pence would buy it. Now I know back then 3 pence was a good deal of lolly to an 8 year old, but it was hardly going to change the national debt. I get the same feeling when selling stuff on the auction site today, because people obviously do not want to pay attention to the fact I have spent hours listing things, working out prices for them to be sold fairly and doing it in such a way that everyone gets a fair crack of the whip, but it never seems to matter. The bargain hunters roll on regardless with their stupid questions and ridiculous offers.

This is what I mean when I say that I will never get my time back.

Okay, I may make a few quid on what gets sold but I really do have to question myself if it is worth the inane and pointless garbage I will have to answer in doing so. Perhaps this is what is wrong with some of society today. Everyone wants a quick fix and they want it now. They don’t want to wait to see how an auction pans out or if they have won by biding their time. No, they want to pay nothing and get the goods yesterday because it is for absolute god sake that they get that new (used) training top as soon as possible because they need to wear it that very minute. We are all expectant of immediate fix but that doesn’t always happen and even though we should know this, when it doesn’t happen, we spit our dummy’s out and have a strop.

Or at least that is very much how I used to behave.

Since reading a book by Michael Neill “The Inside Out Revolution” I have become a good deal more relaxed about time scales and things that are out of my control. I used to “flip the lid” so quickly and go straight off the deep end, often making a fool of myself to be honest and nearly always having to apologise for my behaviour. When things didn’t go my way I would look for someone to blame and that really gets us nowhere. I have learned that to take time and be more considerate to others helps me be more considerate to myself. If I am less stressed with my surroundings and the people in them then I am less stressed myself.

The book basically teaches us to live with less stress, greater ease, and a sense of connection to the larger unfolding of life. Now I’m not sure about the third one, maybe I need to read it again to take that on board but life is a whole lot better since reading. I have learned a certain amount of patience, not only with other people but also myself. I have learned to accept the things I cannot change and the fact that EVERYONE on this planet is different and we all have a different viewpoint. Now a few years ago if I were to have heard myself saying that, I would have thought I must be going daft because it was always my way or the high-way, yet now? Well now I know there are many ways to skin a proverbial cat (sorry kitty kats) and it makes me able to ignore how some people are and just look past their issues and not make them my own.

I used to stress about how people could affect me and worry about my life with them in it, being unnecessarily stressed about it instead of taking good advice of knowing the person in question is a dick and I cannot change that so just simply work around it for a stress free life knowing that when they are old and grey with a blanket on their legs they will still be a dick, but a very lonely one at that, whereas by behaving sensibly and compassionately, I will benefit in the long run by cultivating many friendships and much needed Karma.

Like I said, I know I will get all kinds of stupid questions and offers from my adverts on eBay and I know it can be a little annoying, but I won’t let it get to me. I shall simply answer all of the stupid questions and graciously refuse the daft offers because in the end, I shall sell the goods and I shall win. After all, life is too short to make it any other way.

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

6 thoughts on “Well That’s Ten Hours I’ll Never Get Back Again

  1. Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

    That is the upside for sure….! Just hope the stuff sells! But it does put me in a quandry, do I buy stuff now only to know I will have to trade it in again in a couple of months, or do I leave it and dress like a bag man for the next couple of years!


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