I’ll Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

Morning everybody out there in cyber land.

Hope you like the picture, I struggled a long time to find something that went along with the friends banner without having a picture of Jennifer Anniston, Courtney Cox et all and I think by now you probably all know I am a bit of a sucker for the puppy pictures… What a softy 😉

So then, to what does my title refer? Well it’s simple. Yesterday I posted a blog about the weight I had lost and the clothes size’s I had dropped and the feedback was great. It is small showing’s of support like this that make the whole experience of the operation and recovery, worth while. As I have said many times, it was not an easy choice to make and will be a relatively hard slog keeping to it. This is becoming more apparent as time goes by because although my desires are reduced dramatically, I still get them in passing spurts and in a way I am sad to think that when I see a Pizza I know I shall never have it again in the quantities that I once used to and in a strange way I mourn it which is a very odd thing to try to explain. I no longer have any desire to eat half of a 10″ Pizza in one go but the thought still perversely rings in my mind until I dismiss it, this is something that can be done very easily for which I am truly thankful. This is also made easier by the likes and comments from you guys that spur me on to follow the diet even if there is no real choice but to do so, as I now only have a banana sized stomach as opposed to a grapefruit sized one since it was reduced by cutting it away and removing the excess.

So thank you my friends who choose to wish me well and continue to follow the blog on a daily basis, it means a great deal to me.

Yesterday was also good from another point of view as I met an old friend who nowadays as it turns out, has some very influential contacts in the media world and is quite happy to put me in touch with them should they believe that there is any mileage in my story and the message I really want to get across to the world. It was obviously great to catch up with an old pal and it was funny how quickly we settled into a casual conversation about everything but what we were there to talk about, but I suppose that’s what it is like when you get to our age, friends are chosen and cultivated to a certain degree so you have very much the same outlook on life as each other. Anyway, my pal very quickly offered his contacts and even though I insisted that he had no need to feel obliged he was perfectly happy to do so and regardless of outcome. It is really good to know I have friends who are willing to help with my ideas of world media domination… No, no that’s later… 😉 I mean it’s just good to know there are others out there who might be willing to go to bat with me on the whole Bariatric story!

He was also full of praise of my writing and said that he felt I was very brave to “put my head above the parapet” lest I be judged unkindly or trolled as we all know how easy that is to occur nowadays. Having said that though,I think if I were trolled or anyone did say anything near the knuckle, I need only point it out to my cyber space friends and it would be dealt with right away. It is good to hear another persons point of view on anything that I write as I have very little baseline from which to judge my work and what really gets people’s juices flowing enough to tell me they enjoyed the read. Obviously we are all different and we all enjoy or relate to different things so it is no surprise that one piece I write may appeal to some but not to others. Anyway, as I said, I will get by with a little help from my friends because you guys make it so much easier to continue as even when I am struggling to write something, I get to the point where I know I have people who will want to tune in to my ramblings as they eat their breakfast and even though I know I make very little difference to anyones day, it is certainly an inspirational tool to know that there may be some modicum of disappointment, no matter how small, should I have failed to post.

Actually, with this in mind, I do want to say that if anyone has any ideas of anything they might like written about – obviously pertinent to the blog, then please do drop me a line, I am more than happy to discuss your ideas as sometimes mine are very thin on the ground… 😉

I would also like to touch on the program from Channel 5 last night at 9pm. Benefits and Bypasses: Billion Pound Patients. Now ordinarily I really do champion any show that resolves to offer solutions to obesity but on this occasion I was left feeling totally bewildered at what benefit showing a documentary such as this actually gave the British public and I for one would hope that people switched off in droves instead of tuned in. To say it was misrepresentation at it’s very utmost would be an understatement. They certainly did the NHS Bariatric Surgery world no favours at all in how they showed the people (who were to my mind very poorly advised to allow themselves to be represented in such a sensationalized way) to appear as though benefit scroungers and food bingers who only want from the NHS whatever they can get. This appears to be exactly what the media want everyone to believe. They just want it to be simplified to a statement of “fat equals stupid”. I had this levelled at me on the Radio Oxford interview a couple of weeks ago and told Howard Bentham that anyone who believes that is simply ignorant. There are often so many more factors than what you see when looking at an obese person. There are all manner of underlying medical issues, the very great possibility of mental health problems and also the fact that once again the TV researchers hunted out the lowest common denominator to use for their own means.

It is a sad world in which we live that people can be labelled as such and treated with such utter disdain that TV ratings mean more than people’s feelings. What a sad world we live in and it is one I desperately want to change and de-stigmatise when it comes to how we are seen by the rest of the world. I would hope that the 320 odd people who follow me via email and the many others who read my blog through Facebook and Twitter would disagree with the “fat equals stupid” point of view because if you don’t then surely you have been wasting your time for the past three months reading my blog because I’m fat and therefore must be stupid by the simple logic spewed in the media.

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

3 thoughts on “I’ll Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

  1. Denise Palmer says:

    Morning Morning from a very wet Canada,

    Yes without shame your blog is one of the first things I read/do in a morning. Thats after taking Bentley out of course, my indulgence with the first cup of tea in the morning. I think one of questions on your journey could be why? Why do some people have this additive personality whether it is food, smoking, drinking, drugs or OCD. Why do some people have this and others not? For me I find it a fascinating subject why do some people just do these things to excess and others not, but the best bit why? Why do then you suddenly it seems get to the tipping point and then enough is enough.

    Food out of all the addictions is the most easy of all these to literally to get your hands on, the cheapest for those calorie laden goodies. Oh and dont worry I would if I could eat cake morning, noon and night I would. Is this a genetic marker? more dominant in some?

    So keep up the writing for me I would miss it terribly so keep out of the fridge or the cake tin in my case….

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

    Thank you Denise, very kind.
    Readership appears to be down a bit at present and I am thinking that is due to the Easter holidays but it might be that people have simply had enough!
    I shall certainly look at your idea. Strangely enough I have been reading an article about people who have the stomach bypass can sometimes go on to alcohol addiction. I wonder if it is simply personality rather than anything else. Anyway, watch this space and keep reading…!


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