I’ll Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

Morning everybody out there in cyber land.

Hope you like the picture, I struggled a long time to find something that went along with the friends banner without having a picture of Jennifer Anniston, Courtney Cox et all and I think by now you probably all know I am a bit of a sucker for the puppy pictures… What a softy 😉

So then, to what does my title refer? Well it’s simple. Yesterday I posted a blog about the weight I had lost and the clothes size’s I had dropped and the feedback was great. It is small showing’s of support like this that make the whole experience of the operation and recovery, worth while. As I have said many times, it was not an easy choice to make and will be a relatively hard slog keeping to it. This is becoming more apparent as time goes by because although my desires are reduced dramatically, I still get them in passing spurts and in a way I am sad to think that when I see a Pizza I know I shall never have it again in the quantities that I once used to and in a strange way I mourn it which is a very odd thing to try to explain. I no longer have any desire to eat half of a 10″ Pizza in one go but the thought still perversely rings in my mind until I dismiss it, this is something that can be done very easily for which I am truly thankful. This is also made easier by the likes and comments from you guys that spur me on to follow the diet even if there is no real choice but to do so, as I now only have a banana sized stomach as opposed to a grapefruit sized one since it was reduced by cutting it away and removing the excess.

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