Vital Statistics

Well here we are with weigh in Monday although we are two days late so apologies for that!

Today I weighed in at 132.7 Kg which is a loss of approximately 12 kilograms since I went under the knife. Now for anyone wanting that in old money, it translates to 1.8 Stones which is about 7 lb’s per week loss given that it has been three weeks and 4 days since my big day.

What is more impressive is that I can now get into clothes that were once a long forgotten memory. I saved a few  (about 20 🙂 ) T Shirts over the years as I had always thought I would one day “slim into them” as the old saying goes, but it was never to be as I “slimmed out” of things rather than into them…! So yesterday I went through the wardrobe and was amazed at the amount of things that actually fitted! Even the things that were too tight fitted better than before in as much as I could now get them over my head and onto my body!

This now means that before the operation I was approximately a 4XL in size on my top so say about a 58″ chest. This has now reduced to between a 3XL and a 2XL so I am probably down to somewhere in the region of a 52″ chest. What is even more smile worthy is the fact that I put on trousers that were nice fitting at 52″ waist, now simply fall down when I put them on. The 50″ waist trouser I wore at the weekend is also too big by a couple of inches thus meaning I am down at a 48″ waist. Now I know to you slim folk out there this doesn’t seem like I a big jump and you are probably gasping at the actual size of the clothes I did wear and obviously do wear but understand this, I have undergone surgery because my vital statistics were getting out of control and this weight loss tool I now have at my disposal is going to get me back down to my much missed size of 34/36″ waist as the peg sizes continue to drop each month.

As I said the other day, the clothes are now “hanging off” of me and as such need to be replaced but I have to ask myself do I really want to replace them all? A friend of mine who also underwent the weight loss surgery, went crazy and bought new clothes every couple of months, simply donating the ones from her previous spree to the local charity shop. I can neither afford or have the desire to do that. I know I must buy a pair of jeans that I can wear and that will be suitable to go out in for whatever occasions I might have coming up over the coming year but I really am loathed to spend money on any great amount of clothes as I will struggle to wear them for any length of time that would see me getting any benefit from them.

Over the past couple of days I have gone through my wardrobe and emptied it of clothes that I have no need to keep because the trousers don’t stay up and the hand stitched tailor-made shirts wrap around me too many times to be comfortable. I decided to have a good clear out and upon opening the bottom of the spare room chest of drawers I found it to be FULL with unused sports kit that has been purchased over the years in an attempt to entice myself back to the gym. Maybe one of it was worn once or twice, but after I had realised the pain it created was greater than the satisfaction it gave, it was quickly put back in the drawer. Yet amazingly each time I would have a rush of blood to the head, I would have to go out and purchase more kit as I was too big for the stuff I had spent all that money on the last time!

So I opened this little Aladdin’s cave (sorry drawer!) and started sorting only to find there were even pieces of clothing with the tags still on and some pieces that had the tags removed but were never worn. All of it Nike or Adidas and I would imagine knowing me, none of it cheap. Still, I can now put it on eBay along with the trousers and shirts and a worn once Linen suit and see if any renumeration can be gotten. Mind you, I absolutely HATE listing eBay stuff even if I know it is going to make me money, it is such a bore of a job that never seems to get easier. It is made even worse when the browser you use decides to crash then questions its compatibility with eBays servers!

Still, if I get it all listed over the next week or so, I might get some pieces sold and you never know, possibly some money back that I can put it towards buying myself a new Macbook Air so I am able to increase my writing productivity. You see at present I write at my home office (okay, okay! It’s the spare room!) and although many of you might think that would be such a luxury, I am finding I have lost a bit of discipline and can be too easily distracted. I shall of course continue to blog from here because this is where all of my ideas formulate but as for my commercial writing, I need to be much more structured and have decided that setting up an office at my Mother’s house will help me write much more productively as I will have to attend each day and once there will be more inclined just to crack away at the keyboard rather than allow myself interruptions from email and Facebook and twitter etc, etc

Anyway, best go, someone has just posted the funniest cat and dog video… :-/

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

6 thoughts on “Vital Statistics

  1. sleeveforme22 says:

    EBay drives me nuts too. I have found though that I can make decent money to reinvest in clothes without being out an extra penny. I’m thankful for that but long for the day when I don’t have to be on EBay.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

    It is a necessary evil I am afraid. It started with good intentions but now is just a faceless corporation designed to make money from the seller and the buyer in what ever way it can.
    I will so glad when all of the listings are completed and all I need do is wait for the bids to come in…..


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