Vital Statistics

Well here we are with weigh in Monday although we are two days late so apologies for that!

Today I weighed in at 132.7 Kg which is a loss of approximately 12 kilograms since I went under the knife. Now for anyone wanting that in old money, it translates to 1.8 Stones which is about 7 lb’s per week loss given that it has been three weeks and 4 days since my big day.

What is more impressive is that I can now get into clothes that were once a long forgotten memory. I saved a few  (about 20 🙂 ) T Shirts over the years as I had always thought I would one day “slim into them” as the old saying goes, but it was never to be as I “slimmed out” of things rather than into them…! So yesterday I went through the wardrobe and was amazed at the amount of things that actually fitted! Even the things that were too tight fitted better than before in as much as I could now get them over my head and onto my body!

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