Reaching To The Converted

Morning Bloggers!

Do you know it has been six days since I have felt this good.

I awoke this morning at 07:30 am and even with the headache, neck-ache and sweating, as soon as I threw my quilt back to meet the world, I knew I felt better.

For one I had made it through the entire night without having to get dressed and get back into bed, I had not woken at 02:00 am in need of a paracetamol to stop the temperature crazies taking hold and I had also not been waking all night with weird lucid dreams about things like “unless I get that second duvet out of the cupboard, Friday won’t actually be able to begin” All VERY weird I can tell you, a bit like normal then I suppose đŸ˜‰

So waking at a sensible time – the last four mornings have been ridiculously early at between 04:00 am and 05:00 am – seemed to start the day in a much better fashion and even though there was a headache and neck-ache, it soon passed to just a dull background noise and I began to feel alive once more.

I truly hope this is not just a short-lived respite as I felt on April 1st in H2O. Maybe it played an April Fool on me and gave me respite for the day making me think I was going to become well right away but instead, kicking me to the curb at its soonest opportunity. Still, today as I say I am feeling much better than I have all week and long may it continue.

So then, what to write about?

Well this is a difficult thing isn’t it? I have had no outside interactions bar that of the GP’s, a couple of Nurses and of course my old mother who has fussed around and worried like mothers do. I have obviously been continuing with my B12 shots so maybe as I had yet another on Thursday, that may have helped to deal with the infection I have suffered from and help me feel a touch better, but I have also had plenty of downtime which slows the brain considerably, hence struggling for inspiration.

I suppose I could talk about the political debate that happened on Thursday evening (here in the UK we are leading up to our General Election where the country votes for new leaders to put into power) but I think that would be a fairly short-lived affair because in reality the entire population rates not one of these chancers as good country leading material so why bother? I cannot extol the virtues of any of these people so will not bother with them at all.

So what then?

Well I have been thinking since the interview on Monday, how I might like to start “getting the word out” to people on how maybe they can improve their life through Bariatric Surgery. How it is not an answer but as I am truly finding out, a tool to achieving weight-loss. The only thing that stops the cravings is the knowledge that I cannot actually manage the foods that I may once have craved, plus obviously that little thing called will power.

This however, may lead to a touch of “putting the cart before the horse”

I am going to need a plan to work out where and how I shall attack this. I know I won’t be doing it on the street corners and as I said, politics is not my bag so I have no interest in politicising it. I will however need to get an idea of what has to be done in order to make people aware of the options open to them. In the first place I would love to tell people who believe buying their weekly shop from Iceland might be cheap but it is not necessarily healthy, however, who would listen to that? Especially when life has to be lived on a budget. I would also like to talk about the risks of taking all of their medications out of habit and not of requirement – this happens, trust me, I am living proof. Since my operation I have only taken my pain mediation once when I had no choice due to the pain. Okay I am very sedentary at present and that may have a good deal to do with pain management, i.e less exertion has required less medication and a clear positive mental attitude toward the rest of the pain, has helped me cope. All things I could never have achieved pre-surgery.

I also know I shall not be able to go to schools etc and discuss the issue because Bariatric surgery is not a suitable subject for school children. Maybe there is some mileage in the teaching of eating healthily but I would think that it is now part of the everyday curriculum so outside influence is probably not required from an old fat bloke (even if he is getting slimmer) no matter how well I dressed it up. Although maybe there is a collective of people who run something such as this who would like the help of a decent chap like myself (note to self, start behaving as a decent chap would đŸ˜‰ ) who know’s, maybe there could be some mileage in it.

No, I really think this option needs exploring properly and attacking with some vigour. It would also possibly be wiser to expect to “get the word out” once I have “dropped a few Kg’s” although I am lighter now at 134 Kg than I have been in many years. I actually pulled on a pair of jeans on Thursday and was amazed that pre-diet I could wear them without a belt and although they were lose they didn’t fall down, yet now a two inch gap has appeared between my tummy and the edge of the jeans! Amazeballs! I even had to get an old belt to hold them up! Anyway, that interlude aside, I will certainly need to be a bit slimmer than I am before I start talking to anyone because even though smaller I am still a fat bloke. Maybe I should set some plans for the future, where I can discuss the subject with people as a much more learned individual who may be able to answer their questions without fear of issue or incorrect information being passed on.

So until such times as I come up with an idea of what to do and how to do it, I may well just plan to annoy you lot out there in cyberspace, after all, you miss me when I’m not around… don’t you… :-/

‘Till tomorrow

Stay out of the fridge.

9 thoughts on “Reaching To The Converted


    Take a look at the work the HOOP charity does – for those struggling with obesity. It helps those who are considering WLS, had it and also those who would never consider it, so quite a mix. They help to signpost people to get the right support they require. There is a family group, men’s only group, WLS support group and many regional ones. They would benefit from your help and enthusiasm. C x


  2. coteetcampagne says:

    I have no idea what forum would suit if you want to shout this from the rooftops; and you should!

    What about media contacts who have interviewed you?, would they like to pitch a high profile series on the realities of your procedure and recovery to the “powers that be”

    In my experience, having tried to get a pet subject/issue to the point where the world at large ( or at least the UK) picks up on it, it’s who you know (however vicariously) that counts

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Denise Palmer says:

    I think you should explore the school thing, obviously not very young but secondary schools yes. But then I would say the younger the better maybe something to include the parents. I know a certain someone we both know who would support that one. Good luck, glad your feeling better. Oh get in touch with Jamie Oliver he is back on the band wagon:)

    Liked by 1 person

  4. emart25 says:

    I work in a school and I definitely think it might work in high schools or even universities. I think it is great that you want to help others! That will keep your motivation up as well. It is a win-win!


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