Hello everybody, this is the Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet welcoming you back to the daily blog we all love, well I am hoping you still love it, I’ve only been poorly for one day and already I’m worried about you changing channels to get you fix of inane nonsense from somewhere else. Oh Boy! This isn’t good for my self-esteem, worrying if you guys are still out there…

Come on now! Pull yourself together man, everything will be fine. Of course you are still there, hanging on my every word, waiting patiently by your email inbox for the newest post to fall into your laps.

I go from the sublime to the ridiculous! I have no middle ground at all…!

Okay so yesterday I began to feel better as long as I continued to take the paracetamol, it’s incredible to think how much they can do for the body when fighting off nasty infections and viruses. A quite wonderful invention for sure. They helped me to get out of bed and begin to feel somewhat normal as long as I was under their influence because as soon as the restorative elements faded, so did I and I needed more tablets to operate. At least I was operating because on Sunday and Monday I don’t think I have ever slept so much in my entire life. Or been so cold. Or had such a bad headache.

At one point I had the heating set at 25 Centigrade, was wrapped up in my duvet and wearing socks, joggers, t-shirt and fleece and I was still shivering. Pretty bloody nasty I can tell you. But weirdly no cold symptoms so I don’t think it was the flu and the headache lasted for three days only relieving yesterday morning at about 10 am after I had been up for 6 hours and drinking Tea and water whilst taking my pills. Don’t be alarmed at me waking at 4 am after all, I’d been asleep for longer than a tortoise hibernates 😉

At one point my headache was so bad that I couldn’t move my neck, so I started worry and my imagination began to run away with me. I thought to myself having just come from hospital, did I have the Super Bug MRSA? So I googled that and it said no, then I thought Meningitis? So I googled that and it said no. Oh my god I thought to myself, what’s wrong with me, I must have something so bad that it’s not even been invented, so googling my symptoms I bravely pressed enter, sat back and read the results…

I was dehydrated…

Phew! That was close. That would explain so many things plus the headache of monster proportions. But then it started me thinking about my life in future. Now I know I won’t be able to drink as I may have once done and to be honest neither do I want to, but I had hoped that one day I might eventually find myself able to sit in a beer garden with something cold and relaxing (I don’t mean a foot spa either) and not have to worry too much about the consequences of imbibing a small but refreshing amount of alcohol, but after suffering a headache like the mother of all headaches from being dehydrated, I just cannot even begin to think how I would cope with a self-inflicted alcoholic derived headache. Oh no, I don’t want to ever be on that horse ever again.

So in an attempt to resolve this dehydration monster that I may be carrying around with me at any given time, I have today ordered a 0.6l self filtering water bottle to try to insure that I consume the requisite level of water in the day. This is certainly already a big part of my regimen but obviously something went awry prior to Sunday and I got it all wrong and paid the consequences. I wonder if I may have expended a bit too much fluid walking the 5k I managed on Saturday afternoon with Archie the dog. I didn’t feel thirsty when I had finished, I didn’t feel as though I was lacking water but I obviously had some issue with dehydration because when my levels were finally back up, I started to feel much better.

All that said however, the GP did call me yesterday evening on a telephone appointment and he was fairly certain I had picked up a bug that was simply made worse by the fact that I was not long out of surgery and was still on the mend. Still, at least he listened to my rambling nonsense before he gave a verdict and told me I was “Doing very well” He sounded young and I felt old. But that’s probably the case, I mean none of us ever thought we would see the day when we were told off by a Policeman who still had acne, but it happened to me a couple of years ago all because I couldn’t get across the street quick enough for him! The youth of today eh?

So, there we are, I have bared my backside to you all once again and told you all my ill’s knowing that pretty soon you guys will probably know more about me than I do but hey, I like to share and you guys like to listen.

For those of you still wanting a bit more of a fix and possibly some more personal information, why not follow this link to the Howard Bentham Interview to listen to Mondays thoughts on Bariatric Surgery, mind you, I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t…

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

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