Tried To Make Me Go To Rehab

I said “Yes, yes, yes!”

In the words (well almost) of the sometimes super talented Amy Winehouse.

Morning everybody, as you know very recently I have been walking a great deal and attending the Gym, although not as much as I would like as it is having somewhat of an adverse effect on my body. I am trying not to take on too much and overdo it being very aware of the pitfalls of rushing back into exercise after such a long lay off. I am trying to be aware and to realise that this new lifestyle of mine is not an overnight solution and I am now no longer in a sprint but am taking part in my very own marathon of a healthy life. This life requires a balance yet balance isn’t in my nature. I tend to knock the bloody hell out of everything and then end up wondering why I have no energy, have injuries and end up with no enthusiasm for something I was so keen on when I first started out.

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Branching Out To The You Tube

That’s right folks, my bid for World Media Domination continues!

To be honest, what I actually mean is I have finally gotten all of my stuff together to start a weekly You Tube channel, so world domination is going to be a good way off yet!

And when I say I have gotten all of my stuff together, what I really mean is I have a Sony HD camera, a new tripod and have re arranged the front room of the apartment to accommodate a suitable plain background to film against. I just need to download a decent movie editor that’s easy to use and then learn some editing skills. I also need to get some idea of how to launch a front page so I might make the whole thing a touch more professional than some fat bloke just cocking about with video camera. For this I would ask if their is anyone out there with any good ideas of what I could possibly use to accomplish these tasks

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As you know I spend most of my day sat in front of this computer writing either this blog or any one of my number of current projects (although the novel is taking a bit of a precedent at the moment…!) and therefore am exposed to an immense amount of dross pushed down my internet feed, the bulk of which appears to be aimed at the worlds obsession with celebrity and what they look like or how much they weigh.

It is all so very depressing to think that someone could possibly get amusement from reading about how a celebrity (most of whom I have never heard of by the way) has had a botched piece of plastic surgery, a terrible tattoo or has piled on the pounds – or equally has lost them. But that is unfortunately the world we live in.

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A Good Night Out

On Saturday evening I decided to join a friend for a drink at my local pub. I had not seen this friend for quite a while and expected to be catching up and heading off quickly as the thought of another night on orange juice was not an appealing one! Anyway, I had not planned to imbibe so was just as shocked as you are now to find myself ordering a glass of wine instead of the orange juice.

With much trepidation I put it to my lips and tasted, swallowed and waited for it all to go wrong.

But it didn’t.

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Taking It To The Next Level

Or at least I would like to think so….

If only it were that easy.

Us morbidly obese people are by the very nature of our size, a little slower than the rest of the “normal sized” population. We don’t move around as freely, we don’t stand and sit as easily and most of all, carrying around twice ones recommended bodyweight can really take it out of you I can tell you from experience.

I am however, one of the lucky ones. I have now had my operation and the weight is beginning to come off at a steady rate. Add this to the initial pre procedure weight loss and I am moving a good deal better than I was this time last year. The most amazing thing being my arms now lay closer by my sides once more instead of out at such an angle, I looked like I was inflated. This I can only assume is because they are now a good deal smaller along with my waist thus both are now allowed to hang, pass and swing feely as I walk (attempt to march) around the locale with my little pal Archie and anyone else who might happen to be free to join me.

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The Weekend Comes

My cycle hums, ready to race to you.

Oh Happy Days

Hooray! It’s the weekend! At last I can relax and put my feet up, at last I can go down the pub and tie a couple on and at last I can have that great big fry up I have been looking forward to all week.

Well not really.

Certainly a few years ago this is what my weekends were mostly about, in fact if I recall correctly, they were like this up to late last year but now everything has changed along with the perpetrator 😉

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The Whole World In My Hands

Since starting this blog on a notion all the way back in January I am amazed at how much it has spread around the world. It was only started as a compromise because at the time I didn’t want to film myself each day as recommended by a reporter who had interviewed me about Bariatric Surgery.

Since then I have I posted each day without fail (an achievement? I would certainly say yes but I would prefer we leave that particular milestone  until January next year and only mention it if I have actually kept up that impetuous and continued a daily blogging schedule) and I hope to continue for as long as you guys will have me write it because there is little point writing if no one is reading any longer.

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Upping The Game

Since my procedure I have been a touch remiss with my exercise regime but this week I have definitely started to remedy it so that I can begin to count myself as active and as such am going from a monotonous state to a motivated one.

After the surgery I was limited to walking around the apartment as I had too many stairs to climb, to and from pavement level in order to walk. This only lasted a week but it was a week of cabin fever that I have no desire to ever repeat. The second week I was limited to some short walks around my very locale and at a gentle pace to boot but on the Saturday, two weeks post op, I took out the lord of the little legs and walked a nice 5km at a decent pace. Little did I know this would be the last I did for a couple of weeks because the infection that struck that night levelled me for a fortnight.

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All Work And No Play

Morning world. How is it all going with you?

Well I trust?

Over here in Magnet Land things are taking a turn for the better (?) with the advent of working to a new timetable.

It feels quite odd because I haven’t worked to a timetable since I was in school but in many ways it seems the most natural thing in the world to do (and they say conditioning doesn’t happen in schools!). All I need do is glance at the top of my screen and it tells me very simply exactly what I should be doing at that moment in time, courtesy of an app called iTimeTable 2 and very clever it is too.

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A Trifle Of Concerns

Morning everyone and thank you for tuning in to the still ruminating Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet.

Today is a new day and along with the sun coming out once again, the issue with my back has calmed down enough to be able to at least sit without being in total pain. I had decided to take some pain killers this morning should it be too much and now having removed them from the blister pack, I will now leave them alone once more because as I sit, I am in better form than I was upon rising this morning so lets see if we can walk that last little bit of pain away a bit later.

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