Welcome To The Weekend

Morning folks and thanks for dropping by to my little wordy world where I get to talk nonsense (only on occasion I am sure) and spout unwanted wisdom!

No better way to start the day than with a bit of self therapy my friends! I am becoming used to using this whole blogging system as a way of telling stories and getting things off of my chest and ever since I have started, I have honestly never felt better so thank you all for listening to me. It really does mean the world of good…. ­čśë

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Up, Up And Away…

Well I am quite amazed about my numbers. I know I write this blog for the joy of the writing experience but trust me the numbers really do help; and as always with numbers, the higher they are the better they are.

I have just checked how much interest in my blog there was over the past several days and I was very surprised to see I have hit an all time high of 164 views. This happened on Wednesday the 18th March. At first I scratched my head a touch and then I twigged, on Wednesday I put up my BBC appearances to the Blog site under the heading of Media. Apparently, people want to see me on camera more than they want to read about me. Well. I suppose I shall just have to do my best and attempt to get some more film work arranged for you guys to watch and no doubt laugh at…. ­čśë

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A Touch Of Cabin Fever

Morning everyone, got a short post for you today for two reasons really, firstly I haven’t been anywhere for any inspiration and am afraid of regurgitating the same old spiel each day and secondly, I think I am coming down with a bit of cabin fever and need to get out in order to recharge the batteries. The only issue I have with the latter is that I live in a top floor of an apartment building that has no lift as it is just under the regs required for one, so it’s stairs all the way to the top I’m afraid people. Now this may have helped to keep me moving in the past and kept the blood pumping on a daily basis, but with the recent surgery I am warned off of them until at least the end of the week, in case I do myself some damage. This means spending my days in the flat in the same manner as described in yesterday’s post keeping myself busy doing nothing, moving from bedroom to office then kitchen to living room and on finding nothing has actually changed, repeating the process all over again in a faint hope that the next time, something will have.

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I’m Busy Doing Nothing

Wishing the whole day through, trying to find lots of things not to do. I’m busy going nowhere, isn’t it just a crime? I’d like to be unhappy but, I never do have the time.

Today I am filling in the hours between meals, well not really meals, I am filling in the time between hours, yet as I do, they seem to fly past and although I think I am constantly eating, I am obviously not. It’s a very peculiar thing to feel and do because as much as I watch the clock and wonder when it would be a decent time┬áfor me to have that next┬áprotein shake or yogurt (or whatever is next on the list) I don’t actually see the going of the time and although I don’t actually forget to eat I don’t actually ┬áremember to either. Like I say, very peculiar. Maybe I am at sixes and sevens as the old saying goes. Maybe I am not really feeling myself, maybe I am still under the influence of anaesthetics or old habits. I don’t really know.

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Ants In My Pants

Morning folks and welcome to another great day here on planet earth… Ah, hold on, that’s somebody else’s strap line isn’t it? Well you get my meaning and welcome back non the less.

I am feeling pretty upbeat which is quite a weird thing to say the least as I have no reason to be buzzing full of energy and finding it hard to sit down – not literally folks because to be perfectly honest, it is actually quite difficult to sit down..! Everything is a little bit out of kilter to be honest and careful is todays watchword for sure. As I say, I have energy and am struggling to find a use for it as I am not allowed to exert myself in any way shape or form for two weeks.

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So Then Fatty Boom Boom, How Do You Feel Today?

Morning folks, apologies for the late post today, I am still a little all over the shop so am trying to get my routine back along with my blogging mojo. I know this may sound like yet another cliche to use but it really does feel like it was an age ago that I was sat here and writing, but I suppose that would be an easy thing to say because so much has happened since last I sat here.

I am truly glad to be home though and looking forward to some peace and quiet with everything on my own terms.

You see whilst I was in hospital there was a guy in the next bed who was so very very ill, he needed constant attention. This meant a continual stream of people into his bedside and his monitoring machines, when not beeping were wailing to inform the nurse that there was an issue.

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Well That Was One Hell Of A Ride

Crazy times here at Churchill High. Can’t make my mind up if I am on the mend or going down hill.

Very weird.

Came in yesterday and it feels like I’ve been asleep ever since.

I arrived early, signed in then waited. Then I signed my life away (literally) and then everybody left the waiting room, off to start their little adventures leaving me on my own for a couple of hours. So I had gone from first to last in a matter of minutes. It turns out that calling the day before bears no resemblance on when you can be seen the next day. Up at 5.30, showered in medical muck and then headed off for the hospital early doors. Even that doesn’t secure an hour early surgery as by the time I arrived – 20 minutes early, I still couldn’t get a seat because everyone had the same idea. Typical!

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We Have Lift Off

So it’s here then people. By the time you are reading this I could well have been “under the knife” and be recovering on the ward, drinking a glass of water and leaking like a cartoon character shot full of bullet holes although I do hope not ­čś│! No, I hope to be dozing on my recovery bed and having had everything gone to plan with no extra issues for me to worry about apart from never eating the same way ever again.

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It’s palpable. It’s relentless. It is drawing to a close. As of tomorrow I will no longer look like I currently do, each day that follows tomorrow I shall be that little bit smaller. The final pictures of me in this condition will be broadcast this evening on BBC South News at 18.30, so tune in if you can and would like to see them. The next time you will see me things will have changed, but until then…

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