Four Seasons In One Day

Well, as some of you may have heard, I was on the radio yesterday but I wasn’t a well man – I’m still not truth be told but I knew I had to write something for you guys today, no matter how short.

The program ended up with me phoning in and not being in the studio so it was a bit of a wasted opportunity I suppose as I wanted to rail against the new rules regarding the offer of Bariatric Surgery. I wanted to get out to the world that I was going to walk the Ridgeway next year for charity, I also wanted to tell people that I had a blog.

Those two things were kind of done but the story was mainly based around a woman who had been fat as a child as child obesity was trending yesterday, she got the lions share. Things like this won’t do I can tell you. How am I expected to take over the worlds media with only bit parts!

Well anyway guys, today is a short post as I spent most of Sunday in bed with a cracking headache due to dehydration of flu symptoms, I had the weird dreams and the hot and cold sweats so when I woke on Monday morning, the last thing I felt I could do was actually drive to the studio to be interviewed. It didn’t get any better after that either, I went to the GP’s at lunchtime and upon returning home, was so cold I went to bed for the next 8 hours fully clothed and unable to get warm.

I suppose what I am saying is, I am poorly and I hate to let the blog down so by way of a substitution why not read yesterdays Huffington Post blog Hopes and Dreams are Life’s Sunbeamsย and you won’t feel so cheated, that is assuming that you actually enjoy reading the daily posts… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anyway, I’m afraid this is all I have in the tank so…

‘Till tomorrow

Stay out of the fridge

19 thoughts on “Four Seasons In One Day


    Hope you’re feeling so much better soon – nothing like feeling under the weather for zapping the spirit! I have also done countless radio interviews where I wish I had more time and a bigger voice but collectively we can all do it together. As a friend says ‘ a lot of twigs gathered together and bound with string is truly hard to break but a single twig snaps easily’. Let’s all bind together … when you’re well enough again. C x

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