Four Seasons In One Day

Well, as some of you may have heard, I was on the radio yesterday but I wasn’t a well man – I’m still not truth be told but I knew I had to write something for you guys today, no matter how short.

The program ended up with me phoning in and not being in the studio so it was a bit of a wasted opportunity I suppose as I wanted to rail against the new rules regarding the offer of Bariatric Surgery. I wanted to get out to the world that I was going to walk the Ridgeway next year for charity, I also wanted to tell people that I had a blog.

Those two things were kind of done but the story was mainly based around a woman who had been fat as a child as child obesity was trending yesterday, she got the lions share. Things like this won’t do I can tell you. How am I expected to take over the worlds media with only bit parts!

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