I Don’t Want To Sound Like A Broken Record

I am sure that we all have a limited tolerance when it comes to things being regurgitated over a short period of time; and I really DO NOT want to sound like a broken record but it is simply something we have to get across to the world.

Bariatric Surgery Saves Lives.

It’s simple.

So why is that many people who believe this to be true, also feel like they are wasting their breath by continuing to sound the rallying cry.

In an hour or so after this post is published here on the Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet, I, the Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet shall once again be on local BBC Radio having been invited into the studio to talk to Howard Bentham in the 9am to 10am slot. I am told it is a little more relaxed during this time and the conversation flows a little more freely. At least thats what the researcher said when she called me. I would appreciate it if she told it to my insides because as ever they are doing cartwheels and it hasn’t even begun yet!

So what will we talk about?

I wonder?

Well if I put my thinking cap on I reckon it will be something to do with my surgery, don’t you?

I will probably be asked how I am feeling, what kind of changes it has made to me and my life so far and how long I expect it to go on for. I shall take the opportunity to talk about the blog and also the people that have helped me with it. I shall try to mention the fact that if everything goes according to plan and that when I have finally reached the very end of my weight loss journey, the blog will be turned into a book that chronicles all of my achievements, my weight loss and any other pertinent things we feel should be attached to it. Let’s face it, my life isn’t exciting enough for an autobiography but there might be some more interest in my story if it’s about losing weight!

I shall also take the opportunity to talk about the surgery funding and the fact that I plan to take on a 90 mile sponsored walk of the Ridgeway in June of 2016. This as I am sure you are well aware needs to be gotten out there until I feel like I am wasting my breath. Until I feel I can no longer talk about the fact I plan on raising some money to give to the Bariatric Unit in the Churchill Hospital run charity. Obviously I don’t wish to become a tub thumping pain in the backside but I want to give the fund raising as much awareness as I can because I really believe that these are the opportunities that matter, these are the times when you should only look at what you can do for others and not what can benefit you.

As some of you know, I have a sister site to this by the name of http://www.cameroncreated.com that showcases some of my other writing. It is still under preparation and when It is launched everyone will be made aware that they can also read the other things that I write. I aim to get this point across and say eventually if I can get some media traction, whether it be with my own commercial writing or the Bariatrc work, I shall continue to campaign for this wonderfully worthy cause. I shall continue to fulfil any role I am asked to in order to get the message out there. If it is fundraiser, thats fine. If it is ambassador, that’s fine and if it is simply just talking about it whenever I get the opportunity then that is fine also.

People need to be made aware that there is still very little known about the human condition in regard to why some people eat and some people don’t, why some people put on weight and why some people don’t. There is without doubt an underlying reason why some people are obese and some others aren’t. It may be physical, it may be psychological but whatever it is, it exists and we need to find out what it is. Lets be honest, I didn’t wake up one morning and say to myself, I sick of being slim and active, I’m sick of being able to walk freely, to leave my house and to enjoy myself on sunny days; No, I don’t want any of that anymore, I want an ever increasing waistline and an ever decreasing sense of self worth whilst I shut myself off from the world, yes that’s the stuff, that’s what I want.

Ridiculous isn’t it?

That however, is how some of us obese members of society are viewed and it does nothing for our mental health that’s for sure. What we need is a solution to this problem but until that solution is worked out there is a tool that can be used to help people like myself lose weight. That tool is Weight Loss Surgery and it is in danger of being made unobtainable again because of NHS cuts, changes to policy and criteria but most of all its the way it is spun to the public as if it is a cosmetic procedure and not a life saving and life improving one.

We need to change this mentality and until we do, I shall continue to raise this issue on any platform I can whenever I find the opportunity, which might surprise you because many people would simply say “I’m alright Jack”

‘Till tomorrow

Stay out of the fridge.

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