Just A Walkin’ The Dawg…

Yesterday I reunited myself with my favourite pooch in the whole world. The lord of little legs, he of the breath monster fame.

My lovely Archie now also known as Sherlock Bones…

He came to me one night in the week and although we had a small walk it was only a pre bedtime “got to stretch my legs old man” walk where Archie was the slowest of slow breathing in EVERY smell that he came across. In fact, one day I think I shall check his dog credentials and would not be surprised to find some bloodhound in him or even more likely, some affiliation to some top-secret dog agency where he is in charge of doggy GPS (Gross Pee Smells) where they use the dogs rest stop areas to look for clues and identify any top priority escapee’s or the like… 😉

So Archie’s top-secret missions aside, I decided to take him for a walk or a wee donner as my dear old mother calls it so off we set and I was amazed at how good I felt, striding away without issue, mind you striding for me is 13 minutes for a kilometre, any normal sized grown person would probably be doing it in half of that time. Still, I was striding away without effort when my Map My Walk app told me I had hit 1km yet it appeared there was little or no effort so far expended and I had managed the first KM under 13 minutes which included stopping for at least 45 seconds to take a call, not bad straight out of the blocks. I decided to continue walking because it was going well and we took ourselves along a track that I don’t often follow only to be met by some memories of when I was a child and the building in which I used to attend play school.


I believe it is still used as a play school or pre school or whatever they refer to them as nowadays, quite remarkable really to think that this was in use at least 44 years ago and possibly longer!

So Archie and I decided to carry on, we were heading for a nice walk and things were going well so why not, my machine telling me when I was on a km mark and my legs telling me that I was still capable of going so we went up the next lane


Then across a field


Then finally hit the bridlepath to bring us back in a complete circle


The end result was the pair of us back at home and still breathing without having hurt ourselves. I had completed the 4.7 KM in almost one hour dead so was very happy with myself considering I have only two weeks ago had major surgery and Friday I was having to take my painkillers as I was almost bed ridden due to back pain.

This is pleasing and worrying. The pleasing is that I look as though I am healing well and it is so great to get into the outdoors even if the wind was blowing a gale and the rain was nonstop. That said neither Archie or I are made from sugar so we wouldn’t have melted anyway. The worrying factor is that now I have completed this first step, I shall either ache like crazy in the morning or I shall want to repeat my exertions and unfortunately the latter usually ends in me damaging myself, being unable to continue and having to take a break from all exercise 😦

Hopefully this time I shall learn by my past history and if I do go out once again, I shall only take a short walk and treat my body with respect. I also need to consider the food that I am eating at the moment is pretty much only enough to keep my body ticking over and not a good platform to burn 650 calories from but then in the same vain I suppose every little helps. I do know however, when I got home I was hungry as a little hungry person and had one of my ramekin bowls of Gobble-Gobble Pie (thats turkey mince shepherds pie for those not in the know) and amazingly enough, I could not finish it! It was a ramekin! A bloody ramekin! Babies can eat a ramekin of food! I couldn’t. But I do have to say that after a night in the fridge then being put in the oven to cook it was pretty bloody lovely I can tell you! So good in fact that I think it will definitely be part of my menu from now on…!

Yesterday also saw an old school friend visit. It was great to see her and sit for an hour and a half, which went so quickly it defied simple physics. We chatted about many things but none as interesting as her take on the school reunion and it was good/strange to find yet another person who felt weird about meeting so many people she had not seen for so many years. It is honestly quite relieving to hear that more and more people have said the same to me as the days have gone by and that I am not obviously going bonkers after all!

Finally, last night saw me revive an old Sunday tea time tradition from when I was a child. I hunted around for something that I thought I could fancy to eat. Although there was Gobble-Gobble pie left, I didn’t fancy yet more of the stuff so I decided to go through the cupboards only to come up empty-handed, empty-handed that is until I went to the fridge and saw some fresh eggs there and immediately decided on my old favourite of Eggs Chopped Up In A Cup (to give it its correct title…) Oh how I used to love my hard-boiled eggs to be shelled then put in a mug and chopped up finely with a knob of butter, some salt and some cracked black pepper. Well I loved them again like that last night. Perfecto and a great end to a lovely and rewarding day.

Life’s pretty good with a Gastric Sleeve.

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

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