I’ve Been Driving In My Car

Two weeks later! I cannot believe that it is two weeks later!

So much has happened and so little has happened.

I have recuperated, I have walked a little, I have attended my school reunion and yesterday was the lucky winner of two more milestones.

Yesterday I got drive my car for the first time since before the op!

Oh, and I also got to eat puree’d food!

I wasn’t sure what I would do first but as I was up super early and strangely enough hungry after five weeks without a weetabix, I headed straight for the new packet, broke them open and poured on lashings of cold semi skimmed milk.


My teeth finally felt alive!

Just try if you will to imagine not really chewing anything for five weeks. It is probably fairly easy to do but not easy to go through with. Your teeth begin a transformation process of feeling as if they are on edge, to feeling as if they are turning soft and you could literally just pull them from your mouth the way Jeff Goldblum in The Fly managed after his transformation. I know that is a little bit extreme but it really was a tough two weeks. Drinking all of my calories was not as much fun as when I used to drink all of my calories. This time round instead of Magners cider or Carlsberg lager there was Strawberry flavoured protein shakes, mango flavoured protein shakes, strawberry yogurts, passion fruit yogurts. As I have said before, all very nice but even for one with such a sweet tooth, the novelty soon wears off I can tell you and it was never going to be too soon before I could replace the sweetness with some savouries.

So yesterday I enjoyed a nice thick soup for my lunch. I wasn’t able to consume very much of it but I did consume some and enjoyed every minute of it. There wasn’t much chewing involved but I did attempt to chew what ever particles were left in the soup so that I could feel my teeth come alive once again. Last night was the best though, I cooked some turkey mince with chicken stock and once browned off, reduced down and nice and soft, I took my hand-held blender to it and began puree’ing. I know this doesn’t sound too appetising but imagine if you will, this mince no matter how smooth, in the bottom of a ramekin sized bowl with a couple of spoonfuls of smooth mashed potatoes over the top, well to me that was like a Shepherds pie or a Cottage pie even if it was more a Gobble pie than anything. Popped it in the oven for a wee while, left it to cook together and bingo, it was just what the doctor ordered!

No, literally, it was just what the Doctor ordered.

I do actually have a schedule to follow, issued to me by the Bariatric team so it still allows me to take on extra protein in the shape of fortified coffee’s and hot chocolates, along with the occasional protein drink and yogurt so as far as my eating habits go, I can at least start to feel like I am getting back to normal although I do wonder how long it will be before I start to yearn for the crunch of a good home-made salad where I can get to feel the crunch of the mixed peppers and the texture of the Rocket lettuce… Oh my, I’m getting all unnecessarily bothered about a salad now. What is the world coming to…!

So onto my driving the car. I’m sure you have all been there, after a holiday for two weeks you return and collect the car and it all feels a little strange. Well multiply it by several and take into account I have not been outside more than three times in that two weeks and it all becomes a tad surreal. Even walking to the car’s parking space felt odd.

I park my car outside my apartment in a residents car park and unless I am getting in said vehicle, I have no reason to access the area at all. So I got myself ready, slowly walked down the stairs and with some nerves, I walked toward the car. After unlocking, I opened the driver’s door and got in and although I know I have only lost a little bit of weight so far, I could not get comfortable in the seat in the driving position I had last used. I felt as though I was too far from the steering wheel to actually be able to drive comfortably! Absolutely amazing! Anyway, I put my foot on the brake pedal, pressed the starter button and the car fired first time. I could feel the anxiety in my chest rise like a breath of air waiting to be gulped back down so I steadied myself, took the wheel, got myself prepared and put the car into gear. I drove very slowly from my space and out to join the traffic on the main road and do you know, it was just like riding a bike as they say. By the time I had gotten to the Doctors surgery for my jab I felt completely at ease and wondered what all the fuss had been. Then I realised that all of the fuss had been in my head and there really was nothing to worry about.

I would really like to think that this shows another step I have made in my self-confidence in only two weeks after surgery. I’m amazed to see how much my self-confidence is linked to my self-image and as I slim down so my confidence boosts up the other way and I’m beginning to feel a little more normal every day instead of feeling like I should be sorry for something I haven’t done.

So I took this confidence with me when I left the Doctors surgery and I took myself for a drive. I have not felt this alive in years, enjoying my cars pace and agility so much more than I had done in a very long time.

It turned out that yesterday was a very good day.

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

2 thoughts on “I’ve Been Driving In My Car

  1. Osyth says:

    Of course I can only imagine what it is like to live entirely on liquids …. but I was with you every mouthful of that weetabix, soup and best of all the shepherds-gone-softer pie. I do, though know what it feels like to get back behind the wheel of a car after an enforced period (in my case post operative in 2003 for 7 weeks due to the position of the rather large scar left by a routine hysterectomy and removal of a previously undiagnosed fibroid of 2 kilos in weight – I kid you not). Anyway, your description of the trepidation and bewilderingly out of body experience that it was. And how quickly the feeling passed and I morphed back into the female Stig that I truly am (not) 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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