I’m In The Mood For Dancin’

Well thats that then.

It’s all over for another 31 years is it?

Well I for one, to be honest, would like to see another in a few years time. One that see’s me able to stay until the end, not having to take my leave before the Nolan Sisters burst into life because I have been escorted off of the premises by a GP – that’s a Doctor for those of you around the other side of the globe!

Now before I go any further I really do have to congratulate ALL of the guys who were involved in arranging this, no matter how big or how small your part was, you were involved in the creation of something truly wonderful so well done. I am sure a good night will have been had by all and the bad head count in the morning will definitely be of prolific proportions!

So anyway back to the matter at hand…

The evening had started well with people turning up early and introducing themselves with many a “Sorry, who are you?” If I am honest I only had trouble with one or two faces and as soon as I was told their names it all came back to me in floods.

It really was lovely to see so many faces there and very surprising to know many of them were feeling the same amount of nerves as I was about going to spend an evening with people we had not seen for 31 years. But everyone sucked it up, put on their brave faces and took the opportunity to bury hatchets and reignite old friendships.

As you will all know, I am only one week out of surgery and in hindsight, I think it may have been a little too soon for me to be out so late – I didn’t leave until 11.15 guys just after the dancing music had been put on although that would have made no difference to me as I simply sat at the same table for the evening and had a continual string of faces come by and say hello. There were some I wanted to speak to that either didn’t have time to grace me with their presence or maybe they did not want to but that is the nature of the beast. It was very odd to hear from the most unlikely of candidates that if given the opportunity of school again, they would not necessarily choose the same friends as last time and that although they are happy and secure in their current everyday lives they were however, glad they had come to put those ghosts to bed.

I honestly believe a reunion of any kind can be thought of as a cathartic device for settling old scores even many years later. When you finally get to meet your aggressor or a friend who you were sure had done you an injustice that you then secretly harboured for many years, only to find that the individuals in question are actually ordinary people just the same as you. Liken it if you will to being at primary school and sitting in your classroom surrounded by many other small children, how big the classroom seems, how huge the school hall is and how giant like the headmistress is. Yet go back to that school years later and you will be shocked. The classrooms will be as if standing in a small room, the school hall will appear no bigger than the floor space of your home and as for the giant of a headmistress, well she was really just a wizened old lady.

As I said, I met a good deal of people this evening and honestly wish I could have said hello to more but after a bit of a funny turn that left me feeling decidedly weak, hot and very faint I was very glad to have the help of someone who actually had gone to school and learn not like me who had treated it as a bit of a laugh and would try maybe 60% of the time. This person was the fantastic Jo Howard. She studied at school, then studied at sixth form then studied at University then finally paid attention at wherever it is that Doctors get to be so clever and because of this I was able to feel as though my life wasn’t actually flashing in front of my eyes and that yes, I probably had over done it as it was only one week ago that I had 80% of my stomach removed. Anyway, I was escorted down the stairs and out of the building to my waiting taxi where she insisted on making sure I got in and was able to get to my home. It was definitely confidence inspiring when I found I was actually out with a grown up instead of 50 more people like myself. Thank you Jo.

So I finally made it home and upon cooling off and getting ready for bed found I was beginning to come back round to the way I should be feeling, if still a little tired. I was able to pause for thought and consider what it might have been that I did wrong. I know that I had taken on the calories that I should, I know that I had taken on the protein that I should and I know that I was okay when it came to the fluid levels as of the time of leaving the house. But all of this is something I shall have to watch when I start to get hot even when sitting still and I shall most definitely ensure that I keep up with the water intake and I watch the sugar and caffeine levels. But like I say, it’s one week out and I am still learning how to deal with this new stomach.

But then nobody said it was gonna’ be easy…

‘Till tomorrow,

WBFM Appears to be in the fridge ALL day…

4 thoughts on “I’m In The Mood For Dancin’

  1. Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

    Oh Fiona, you have no idea how very grateful I was. She was an absolute star. I am glad I went, it was good fun and although I never made it to the end and I had to sit all night, it was wonderful to see so many people enjoying themselves.Anyway, party is over, now back to the grind stone…..


  2. Hazel Griffin says:

    Cameron, it was a wonderful night, and your music was great. So many old faces, what a blast. Sorry the evening ended up with you in pain, but you made it there and was there most of the night. Happy Days! xx


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