Welcome To The Weekend

Morning folks and thanks for dropping by to my little wordy world where I get to talk nonsense (only on occasion I am sure) and spout unwanted wisdom!

No better way to start the day than with a bit of self therapy my friends! I am becoming used to using this whole blogging system as a way of telling stories and getting things off of my chest and ever since I have started, I have honestly never felt better so thank you all for listening to me. It really does mean the world of good…. ūüėČ

The weekends are usually a time for relaxation and sleeping in, for spending time with the family, for being at home and having a potter about. Now personally I loves me a good potter about but having been locked up for a while as I said on Wednesday¬†in A Touch Of Cabin Fever¬†I figure it may well be time to stretch my legs and make the most of the day that see’s me one week post surgery. Now I know you guys have heard this before but it’s incredible to think that I was in hospital last week having 80% of my stomach removed and yet today I sit here feeling very much on top of the world. Last Friday when I left home and went under the knife I believe I was about 142.5 kg and this morning out of a simple interest in science (yes of course, that’s the reason, science) I decided to hop on the scale again and found myself at 137.5 kg. I know this is to be expected but I think my face was probably an absolute picture of delight seeing that figure dance¬†up at me from the scale. Now I am smart enough to understand that I will not continue to lose weight a this rate but do not think it impossible for me to get a kilo off per week making it by the end of the year I will be at my upper target weight of 100 kg’s which is still heavy by anyones standard but by mine? It will make me a mere slip of a thing!

Anyway, back to the weekend. I am today going to leave the house for the first time and attempt a short walk. I hope this to go as well I have planned and I hope I will suffer no ills from my exertion, because by now I hope you will have seen a page added to my website, sometime yesterday telling of my intentions to put my money where my mouth is and walk the length of the Ridgeway for charity. I plan to raise money for the Churchill Hospital and help with the appropriation of funds when it comes to paying for Bariatric Surgery of A.N. Other Esq. Now I know it is a long time away, well over a year in fact but I must be completely fit for the task ahead and no matter what I may think I am capable of at this moment in time, I am sure the Surgeons, Doctors and Nurses are much wiser than I when it comes to determining how much I should be doing. This means I must adhere to a light foray into the world of exercise not only because or the future plans but also because later this evening is the much fabled School Reunion of which I wrote a few weeks ago for Huffington Post.

To be honest, now after a few weeks to contemplate the meeting of old friends, I have decided to go and enjoy myself. There were so many well wishers from my past to contact me when I was in hospital, it made me start to remember how many friendships I had at school. I was friends with so many people over the course of the years that I must have simply forgotten them all. Allegiances forged in the days when best friends came and went quicker than pocket money was spent. But it is because of this I must say I really am looking forward to meeting many of them again this evening after not having seen nearly all¬†since the last days of the 1984 summer term at King Alfred’s School. I hope to finally put any ghosts to bed and leave the evening with a renewed take on my past that matches my current sense of person.

I know I have said it before, but I simply cannot put into words in such a way as to totally describe how I feel. For years I suffered with some pretty hefty anger issues that were never made any better by years of weight lifting and strength training. After damaging my lower back doing what I loved most, I resorted to just being plain angry for a few years until finally, after an issue where I lost all confidence I became a changed man. This was seven years ago but today? I am unable to explain how great I feel in comparison to then, or to the day I wrote the piece about the reunion for the Huffington Post or to the day I went in for my life changing surgery.

It is simply an absolutely unquantifiable change in my own self that I truly want to have continue and to have others experience at first hand so if my getting how I feel down on this blog helps anyone at all, even 1% of the people who read this, then I shall be more than happy that it is going some way to changing things the world over.

After all, from little acorns does the mighty oak grow.

‘Till tomorrow,

WBFM no longer interested in the fridge.

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