Up, Up And Away…

Well I am quite amazed about my numbers. I know I write this blog for the joy of the writing experience but trust me the numbers really do help; and as always with numbers, the higher they are the better they are.

I have just checked how much interest in my blog there was over the past several days and I was very surprised to see I have hit an all time high of 164 views. This happened on Wednesday the 18th March. At first I scratched my head a touch and then I twigged, on Wednesday I put up my BBC appearances to the Blog site under the heading of Media. Apparently, people want to see me on camera more than they want to read about me. Well. I suppose I shall just have to do my best and attempt to get some more film work arranged for you guys to watch and no doubt laugh at…. 😉

Actually, shortly after starting this piece, an email arrived from the Nicola Lawrence, the BBC Radio Oxford reporter who got this whole fat ball rolling in the first place. She asked if she might get me back into their studios to once again talk about myself. Of course I agreed before I had even finished reading, I mean who doesn’t like talking about themselves! Well me actually but, whether I like this or not, I am now in a position where I am involved in the world of Bariatric Surgery and if I can see that it’s future is being written in a none too friendly direction by people who do not understand the vagaries of the process and only see pound signs instead of heartbeats, then surely I would be turning my back on those who would help me if I did not at least lift my head above the parapet of this fight and help in whatever way I can. If it means I must become a mouthpiece for this life saving surgery then I shall. If I need to be the poster boy, then poster boy I shall be. I do this although please believe me when I say, I really do not enjoy seeing myself on the screen, in fact for years I even hated to hear the sound of my own voice when recorded. It is a bizarre feeling that comes over me, like a cringe of the highest order. I visibly shrank whenever I heard it and I used to hear it every Wednesday morning at one particular job where I was listened to as an advisor critiqued my sales call skills. Not an enjoyable task I tell you and Wednesdays only ever improved once I was no longer forced to listen after the advisor could see my apparent discomfort at hearing my own voice!

Still, I digress.

I suppose I have an opportunity of using this blog as a tool to get people who would otherwise be ignorant of the facts, in a position of starting to understand. There is much ignorance out there in the world. Unfortunately it is usually ignorance spouted by the least knowledgeable or the most jealous of individuals. I think I may have commented on “professional arseholes” before today but that is what these people are. Likened only to the very dark mouldy scum that builds up under the rim of your toilet, they love nothing more than disagreeing with a subject on which they have no information and all because it does not include them. Trust me, if it was them or one of their loved ones who were in need of the surgery they would not even raise an eyebrow to the costs let alone think it would be simpler if they were to “eat less than the calories they burn”.

Unfortunately this happens. I have already had two comments that initially made my blood boil, immediately making me want to write something to scythe them down but after a moment of calm contemplation I realised that letting the naysayers get themselves hot under the collar with no recourse of calming down was a much more fun position to be in.

There will always be idiots and if I can help to educate them then I shall. I shall appear on radio and television at every opportunity, I shall do my best to advance the message that this procedure saves lives as well as saving money in the long-term. I shall insist that more research into the reasons why people become obese is made a priority; and ask why we are so far behind in the understanding of how it all works, it is truly scary how little we know. There has to be accountability of pharmaceutical companies making millions off of the misery of the afflicted regardless of ailment. There has to be accountability of the major fast food companies creating dishes that would under any other guise be regarded as addictive. These companies spend millions on getting the right amount of sugar, salt and texture into their product so that it quickly becomes the market leader.

Everything has a right to exist, I am not saying these businesses have no right to make money, after all, it is what the economy is built on but there must be a greater push for education in the home, to make healthy food cheaper, to make people simply aware, to give them a healthy choice so that they do not find themselves in the position that I did and have to go under the knife as a final push for a life I could enjoy.

They say one battle at a time.

Well until someone can be trusted to actually do something about the bad food and lifestyle choices the people of our countries make every day, I shall concentrate on helping to apply the bariatric bandaid. I shall try to raise awareness that a surgical procedure is a cost effective way of dealing with the problem because until obesity is actually fully understood, it is the only way some of us will get a second chance at life.

And everyone deserves a second chance.

Don’t they?

‘Till tomorrow.

WBFM no longer hanging on the fridge.

11 thoughts on “Up, Up And Away…

  1. Osyth says:

    I’m so heartened to read this … I really think that you are in a strong position to educate and hopefully to make those who hold the purse strings re-evaluate and understand that there is a need for this surgery. There will always be those who disagree, those who like hurling rocks, those who think they know it all when in fact they are ignorant of the facts. But there are more who want to be educated. I do. Let’s get that voice honeyed up and that inner pin-up boy raring to go because you, my friend are on a roll 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

    I have a Facebook page that is devoted rather soppily to my dog Archie and his main fascination is tennis balls. That is all he is interested in. Hence the little joke!
    As for me I feel good, so good I wonder if it will still all go pop! I’m sure it won’t but you know how the mind wanders!
    I started my campaign to inform and educate this very day. Even if I only make a difference to 1% of 1% then thats all that matters. I’ve achieved something!


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