A Touch Of Cabin Fever

Morning everyone, got a short post for you today for two reasons really, firstly I haven’t been anywhere for any inspiration and am afraid of regurgitating the same old spiel each day and secondly, I think I am coming down with a bit of cabin fever and need to get out in order to recharge the batteries. The only issue I have with the latter is that I live in a top floor of an apartment building that has no lift as it is just under the regs required for one, so it’s stairs all the way to the top I’m afraid people. Now this may have helped to keep me moving in the past and kept the blood pumping on a daily basis, but with the recent surgery I am warned off of them until at least the end of the week, in case I do myself some damage. This means spending my days in the flat in the same manner as described in yesterday’s post keeping myself busy doing nothing, moving from bedroom to office then kitchen to living room and on finding nothing has actually changed, repeating the process all over again in a faint hope that the next time, something will have.

But no.

Everything just remains the same.

Which is good in a way because if it didn’t then I would either be hallucinating or have an intruder and neither of which are things I wish to experience at present. So I suppose I am glad of the status quo remaining thus.

However, I find my opening statement confuses me because although the current situation is ordinarily described as “Cabin Fever” due to being stuck in the house believing you have nothing to do, I would still love the peace and quite offered by the setting of a log cabin as I pictured in todays header. For many years I have harboured an aspiration of occasional living in a small but sturdily built construction. Somewhere I have all of the amenities that man needs, somewhere under the “Big Sky”. A few animals to look after and a couple of daft dogs to keep me company and I would be a happy soul I think. Yet what sets this solace apart from my own current situation is so very little but also absolutely so very much.

Here at home I might wistfully look from my window or take in the sunshine and fresh air on my balcony. The views I see are very pleasant and certainly of the local landmarks and not the local industry but yet it leaves me unfulfilled. I long for a sprawling vista and air so fresh it hurts lungs as it is consumed. I long to be able to view that blue sky and have it cover everything with clear and perfect rays of light. I would love to be able to walk among its shadows cast by crags and hillocks and listen to brooks as they babble alongside the path I walk.

But then the sun starts to set and the darkness begins to draw in and I am once again glad I am in my nice warm apartment and I am surrounded by the 21st century and all of the technological wonders it has brought.

And I wonder “What the hell was I just talking about”?

Shame the operation hasn’t been found to make us content in the moment and patient enough for the future eh…?

‘Till tomorrow,


5 thoughts on “A Touch Of Cabin Fever

  1. Dale says:

    Hii Cameron
    I don’t know if you can remember me but I was in the hospital bed opposite you I had the bypass on the same day as you, it’s been 4 days at home and I’ve found it really hard to eat (drink) my quoter of 60g of protein been only managing about 35g and about one letre of water for the first two days but I’ve now found some good protein shakes team sky (26g protein) and for goodness shakes (40g protein) so I have been having a couple of tins of soup 400g in a flask as it goes cold by the time I finnish it, takes about 40 minutes to finish and a goodness shake for breakfast. Glad to hear you doing ok and not thinking to much about food hang in there mate your get there.
    Cheers Dale


    • Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

      Of course I do Dale and thank you for taking the time to not only read the blog but also write. I must confess at first the food was okay but now I am struggling a bit more however still managing to get in my quota of protein. I have to admit I have started to sneak in a DairyLea triangle on occasion when I feel like my teeth have become redundant!. I’m glad you have found the Sky Shake, I tried one and loved it but having a fridge full of Feeling Upbeat, I kind of have to get through them first! I have never heard of the For Goodness Shakes so will take a look but agree totally on the soup although I am only managing a small 200g bowl a day so am using it really as a savoury treat. I also manage the strained thick yogurt which is a hunger killer to so I hope my lack of appetite is just a passing thing because at the moment I am definitely getting the protein but the cals are a struggle. Really good to hear from you Dale and I hope that all continues well for you now that you appear to have your choices sorted.
      Good luck mate.


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