A Touch Of Cabin Fever

Morning everyone, got a short post for you today for two reasons really, firstly I haven’t been anywhere for any inspiration and am afraid of regurgitating the same old spiel each day and secondly, I think I am coming down with a bit of cabin fever and need to get out in order to recharge the batteries. The only issue I have with the latter is that I live in a top floor of an apartment building that has no lift as it is just under the regs required for one, so it’s stairs all the way to the top I’m afraid people. Now this may have helped to keep me moving in the past and kept the blood pumping on a daily basis, but with the recent surgery I am warned off of them until at least the end of the week, in case I do myself some damage. This means spending my days in the flat in the same manner as described in yesterday’s post keeping myself busy doing nothing, moving from bedroom to office then kitchen to living room and on finding nothing has actually changed, repeating the process all over again in a faint hope that the next time, something will have.

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