Ants In My Pants

Morning folks and welcome to another great day here on planet earth… Ah, hold on, that’s somebody else’s strap line isn’t it? Well you get my meaning and welcome back non the less.

I am feeling pretty upbeat which is quite a weird thing to say the least as I have no reason to be buzzing full of energy and finding it hard to sit down – not literally folks because to be perfectly honest, it is actually quite difficult to sit down..! Everything is a little bit out of kilter to be honest and careful is todays watchword for sure. As I say, I have energy and am struggling to find a use for it as I am not allowed to exert myself in any way shape or form for two weeks.

I think you would be agreeing with that statement if you had holes across you stomach that were only superglued together…



But why do I have all this energy in my knackered body? A bit of a poser I think because I am taking on fewer calories, all of my sugars are the good kind, my carbs are minimal and my proteins are low in fat. So why do I feel like a 6-year-old who has just been given a straw of sugar…? I honestly have no idea but I can only liken it to that feeling.

It is quite weird as the last time I reduced my intake to this level, in fact not even this low, I was absolutely shattered. Unable to walk the dog without feeling faint, finding the stairs hard to climb and not even enjoying walking around the flat. Yesterday I also felt a bit like this but certainly in the daytime although it started to wear off in the mid afternoon forcing me to take on some calories and protein in the shape of a new drink I invented. When I say invented, well…. I mean kind of more put together… I took an options chocolate drink and added two spoonfuls of Marvel dried milk and added water. Hardly a culinary skill set required but it was good!

So what have I been eating?

Well the guideline dictates that I should try to manage a minimum of 2 litres of fluid a day and at least 60 grams of protein per day. Well yesterday I managed:

  • Three 20mg protein shakes
  • Two cups of Yorkshire Gold tea
  • One 200 mg bowl of soup – this is tiny!
  • A hot chocolate special
  • One Danio thick yogurt with protein
  • A couple of glasses of water to make sure I’m not dehydrated.
  • One glass of unsweetened Orange Juice with bits

To be honest, I found it easy enough to do I just had to persevere with it and when I considered the opposite was to feel crap then it was a no brainer. The real weird bit was, yesterday I watched TV – something I very seldom do, but having saved up a ton of programs I thought I would try them out as a time passer. Well, it appears to have worked as I honestly didn’t think about food when I was watching any of the shows. I literally said to myself, I’ll get that shake at the end of this show or I’ll do my soup at the start of the next show and I literally had to force myself to go through with these decisions. I think we can call this a new territory folks, a whole new world in fact. I even take my time when I consume my small amount of liquids for fear of breaking anything and if I get sore, I simply sit up and shift my weight and the pain passes. So far so good on the food front then.

Anyway, like I say, I have no idea why my energy levels have gone up because by rights they should not have and also the guidelines talk about a lack of energy for the first two weeks after the surgery has been completed as I am basically taking in liquid food stuffs with little carbohydrate. Still I am not one to complain, well okay yes I probably am but on this occasion I shall look at it as a blessing because it is giving me extra energy to sit and write when I honestly thought I would be back in my bed, getting ready to once again sleep the just sleep.

Another thing I have been amazed at is the lack of pain medication I have required for the incisions you may have noted in my tummy. Honestly yesterday, I took only FOUR paracetamol. Yes there was pain but I found that simply moving in my chair seemed to deal with it as in shift an inch and the pain abated. I do have pain in my shoulders which is a by-product of Laparoscopic surgery in this part of the upper abdomen. It is very weird, it almost feels like something stuck between my shoulder blades whenever I lean forward. I am assuming I am correct to think this as it was in the list of things that one might expect. If not, maybe I should go through a metal detector and check I don’t set it off because I have a pair of scissors still stuck in my chest cavity 😉

So obviously all early days folks, but I hope this gives you a taste of my time since I have returned home. Keep reading and if anyone can think of an alternative sign off, I am still struggling – thoughts please!

‘Till Tomorrow

Stay out of the fridge.

4 thoughts on “Ants In My Pants


    Glad to hear you’re up and about and coping well. Enjoy this so called ‘honeymoon period’ when energy is high and temptation and food urges are low (or non existent). But take it gently – sofa surfing is about the only activity for a couple of weeks … seriously! C x

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  2. thepaleosleeve says:

    I’m so glad to her that you are on the mend!! I’m also super jealous that you can have oj! That was all I wanted and my sleeved (Picky Nicky) violently rejected it. I will just have to live vicariously through you for a while! :).

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