So Then Fatty Boom Boom, How Do You Feel Today?

Morning folks, apologies for the late post today, I am still a little all over the shop so am trying to get my routine back along with my blogging mojo. I know this may sound like yet another cliche to use but it really does feel like it was an age ago that I was sat here and writing, but I suppose that would be an easy thing to say because so much has happened since last I sat here.

I am truly glad to be home though and looking forward to some peace and quiet with everything on my own terms.

You see whilst I was in hospital there was a guy in the next bed who was so very very ill, he needed constant attention. This meant a continual stream of people into his bedside and his monitoring machines, when not beeping were wailing to inform the nurse that there was an issue.

You kind of think you are feeling poorly but trust me, compared to the guy next to me, I was fighting fit, just a bit anaesthetised. It was almost pathetic even considering I should feel sorry for myself. Yes I had just undergone major surgery but honestly, I really do think I got off very lightly. Anyway, I doubt the man in question, Chris I think his name was, will be reading, but if you do then I hope you are better soon and they get you on the road to recovery and back home in no time.

So now I am at home, its up to me when the light gets turned on and if anyone else uses the bathroom in the middle of the night, or comes to my bedside to “give me an injection” I think I shall find myself quite happily calling in the long arm of the law and let them deal with my intruder…

It really was so nice to be at home last night, to be able to read my kindle and have La Liga on in the background. I had been a bit gutted not to have seen the first F1 race of the season but have to be honest, after watching the highlights, it was all a bit of a damp squib. I’m sure my condition played to part of it but my word, it didn’t half go unnoticed by an unexcited motorsport fan here in Wantage.

I faffed about a little bit, getting up and down carefully to go to the kitchen and get myself drinks and proteins to take on board. I will need for sure to get on top of the drinking the correct amount of fluids each day. 2 litres is the recommended dosage to prevent dehydration and although I will get most of it from the two cups of tea, one cup of coffee, one bowl of 200mg soup and three 200 ml protein shakes, I really want to be taking on extra as I absolutely hate the sensation of feeling dehydrated. After nil by mouth from Friday the 13th at 12 am I was left in no uncertain terms that I was very dehydrated post op and even though on a drip throughout the night through to the Saturday, I had a monster headache and certainly felt the effects of the anaesthesia hangover. Not for the faint hearted let me tell you…

So where to next?

Well today as I have said I was up and at ’em at the relatively sensible time of 9 am. I am learning my new diet of things I can and cannot manage but it seems to be relatively simple. Anything that is chewable is a no no for the first two weeks so thin must rule. Plenty of milky proteins and slobbery yogurts, a little orange juice and a lot of Yorkshire Gold tea – well I say a lot but really I just mean two mugs a day and then I can’t get through them all as there is simply too much for me to manage. Its totally insane trying to comprehend, honestly it is, but it is my life from now on so I have no choice. I must get the protein down my neck and as long as I take my time, I reckon I will be able to manage it. It is early days yet so watch this space…

And finally on an entirely different note, I am still trying to come up with a new sign off as the “Stay out of the fridge” at the end of my current posts may not be totally pertinent, but I shall think of something more befitting someone that has to remember to “Go into the fridge”


‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

4 thoughts on “So Then Fatty Boom Boom, How Do You Feel Today?

  1. coteetcampagne says:

    So you have come out of the other side in “one” piece?

    We were worried about you.
    currently in France to move big project forward, unfortunately the main man has hurt his back and is tottering around groaning and considering self-medicating with whisky…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Osyth says:

    The Fridge need not beckon … how amazing is that. Of course The Bean and I wish you the very best as does The Man with Two Brains currently en route to Boston for a conference on Terrahertz technology … I turned it down – so dull 😉 The man in the bed next to you reminds me of a sojourn in the JRH when I was 19 with pneumonia … I was on the geriatric ward. There is nothing more levelling than talking to someone, drifting off to sleep and waking to find their bed empty and being disinfected for the next elderly encombant.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

    I like that Fiona. Thank you. I may have to get something in writing but I have just had an idea as I write…
    I am surprised at your reluctance to go with B2 and witness such an extravaganza of technology that should only be described as scintillating in the world of both Terra AND Hertz…!
    I am pleased to say that Chris went to his own private room and I hope his family have now got some answers after a weekend of uncertainty for them. I know it happens to us all but being a fatalist I would prefer to go like my father. Dead before he hit the ground. No knowledge just good night Vienna.
    What morbid morbid subject matter. On a brighter note, have you seen the Media section on the blog…..


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