Well That Was One Hell Of A Ride

Crazy times here at Churchill High. Can’t make my mind up if I am on the mend or going down hill.

Very weird.

Came in yesterday and it feels like I’ve been asleep ever since.

I arrived early, signed in then waited. Then I signed my life away (literally) and then everybody left the waiting room, off to start their little adventures leaving me on my own for a couple of hours. So I had gone from first to last in a matter of minutes. It turns out that calling the day before bears no resemblance on when you can be seen the next day. Up at 5.30, showered in medical muck and then headed off for the hospital early doors. Even that doesn’t secure an hour early surgery as by the time I arrived – 20 minutes early, I still couldn’t get a seat because everyone had the same idea. Typical!

Anyway, the wait progressed, the messages flooded in by phone, Facebook and via this site (thank you to all of you) and then the next thing was, I was getting prep’d and asking for a picture of what it was they were going to remove.

Unfortunately no joy on that as yet, but be sure to see it posted if it ever comes my way…

So to be honest, the rest is a blur. I woke up in recovery, got myself together and then went up on the ward. When I say got myself together, I did take my time over it. There was no point in hurrying and I couldn’t wake up for toffee so I didn’t rush and kept them all laughing in various fits of consciousness…😉

Coming up on the ward was a nice surprise to find my brother and mother waiting for me. Moments like that are very special so thanks to you both for making the journey. 🚘🚘

Still, I was now done and dusted and just had to get on the mend as they say. There was a plethora of messages either wishing me well or making reference to my Love Machine statement for which I will be eternally mortified! Still, I may well live up to it yet! But regardless, to see so many people care enough to write to me, really mean the world.

I chatted to the family very briefly and once satisfied that I was in one piece and pretty much incoherent, they decide it time to leave and let me sleep.

Which I did.

Off and on.

So this morning here I lie, 24hrs later. I am sore, I am thirsty and I am tired hence the short post. Hopefully tomorrow will see me a bit brighter.


‘Till tomorrow

Stay out of the fridge.

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