The Morning After The Day Before

“Today is the first day of the rest of my life”

What an absolutely awful cliche but, I am afraid to say that it is. Things will never be the same again. I will never be the same again. My diet will never be the same again and my relationship with food will never be the same again.

Are you getting the picture folks?

The derelict funfair that was my life has definitely closed down and from this day forward will be known as a centre for health and excellence. Beware McDonalds, your profits shall start to slump, watch out Domino’s, Black Monday is on it’s way back.

Yesterday, here in this hospital I was given a shot at a new life. One that I plan to take on fully and indulge myself in endlessly. However, this time when I say indulge, I don’t mean with calories, fats and carbs. No, I mean with clean and healthy living. With making plans and seeing them through. I really don’t care if the plans I make are not exciting to some. These are the plans I have put on hold for too long and pretty soon I shall be chomping at the bit to get putting them into practise.

I know it will be slow to start. I have at least 4 weeks of only very gentle walking at the most, maybe even longer. I have six to eight weeks of drinking my meals looking forward to eating foods that wouldn’t look out of place in a jar with a baby on the front of it.

At least this time I won’t have to go searching all over the county for some Upbeat protein shake, no, my great friend Tracy found that Ocado sell the very stuff I need and she very kindly added some to her home delivery order for me. This means I have lots of tasty protein shakes waiting at home for me in my fridge.

Well done Tracy, you are a star!

I cannot believe how difficult it was to get hold of the recommended protein drink, it was totally ridiculous having to drive over the county in order to score a paltry 12 bottles. Anyway, on my travels I came across another brand and after contacting the Dietician with the details, I am glad to announce that the CNP made Team Sky – High Protein Smoothie is now in contention to win the battle of my taste buds. They make a  Pineapple and Coconut flavoured version. It is gorgeous! It took me back to when I used to drink Malibu and Pineapple juice, oh the good old days… 😉 Plus its quite a cool brand as it’s made for the Sky Cycling Team for the Tour De France and by default I am now associated with elite athletes with sitting in my hospital bed!

Anyway, I am obviously writing the a couple of days prior to the surgery as I have no idea how I will be feeling today as you read this. Hopefully I am well and recovered from yesterdays excitement and that my surgeon Mr Richard Gillies, has sewn me back up the way he found me just with a little less room for food.

I suppose today will be a time of learning or relearning to be exact because everything I know about eating food has now got to be deleted from my memory as my brain starts to learn new signals sent it by my new stomach. I can see some trials and tribulations resulting from my stupidity and will no doubt get it wrong more often than not. But I will be fine I am sure.

I am excited and no doubt already a little bored (I find myself having a very low threshold of sitting still since I started to lose a bit of weight so hopefully it won’t bug me too much) but will power through whilst watching some of my very favourite films such as Cinema Paradiso and Fletch, all ready and loaded onto my iPad. I have no idea how long I am in for. If I feel okay today, I suppose I will go home, if not then its a case of wait and see but I cannot imagine being here longer than Monday.

If thats the case and you find yourself passing please drop in and you can mercilessly rib me about last nights appearance on the BBC South News channel 😉

‘Till tomorrow.

You stay out of the fridge, because I’m really not that hungry.

7 thoughts on “The Morning After The Day Before

  1. Raquel says:

    I had surgery on Monday and I can tell you for me the first couple of days are difficult but it starts getting easier. Its scary and exciting, I relate to you on how you feel towards changing the relationship with food but after 6 days post op its more exciting than scary. Good luck, we can do this!

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