Back On Track

Today I attend my Pre-Operative Assessment to check that I am still on target for Fridays Gastric Sleeve procedure with Bruno Sgromo.

It is all really rather exciting, you could say that today I am getting measured for my operation…

They will take my blood pressure, listen to my heart, lungs and anything else that makes a noise (perhaps I may even ask them to have a listen to the voices in my head…😉) and hopefully I will be given the all clear to move on towards to the last hurdle on Friday.

Another piece of good news is that my story appears to be back on track with the BBC as we shall allegedly restart filming today, although at this stage I still am not sure as to how far this filming will actually go. Will it be a simple piece of update on the news? You know, one of those fluffy and now on a lighter note pieces – actually it might well be one of those but only because I will be lighter….😉 – Or will it be a main program all of its own that charts my weight loss story yet further, by following me before, during and after my procedure on Friday. Well we no longer know I’m afraid even though at one point we did actually have it all worked out (when I say we I really mean Adina Campbell the reporter had it all worked out, I was merely along for the ride, I was the talent you know my darlings…😳) but after the Churchill hospital denied the BBC permission to film on the hospital site, it kind of changed everything and to me at least, it all lost a bit of momentum.

What Adina had originally planned was an interview with me prior to going into hospital, some interviews with the staff of the hospital, an in-depth interview with Bruno the main man and surgeon, then a chat with me on the ward asking how I was feeling prior to going down to surgery. They would then follow my premedication ramblings down to the operating theatre as I had agreed to them filming the surgery. Unfortunately  this all changed when the Churchill Hospital denied the application to film; and even though the BBC had the okay from the surgeon we were back to square one again, with Adina having to rethink a way of telling this story.

Not being one to brag of course and I certainly would never say that this is all of my doing, but I did send Adina a message telling her that I was in the John Radcliffe hospital on Tuesday for my assessment and it now appears to have done the trick and as I have said, gotten us back on track.

However, even though I told Adina that the Pre-Operative Assessment was coming up at the Radcliffe hospital and things have taken off again. I am not particularly sure what today will bring. I would imagine we will be filming my assessment, talking to Bruno Sgromo and finally having a chat with me to see how I feel about things now that I am so close to the day of reckoning. To be honest I think all we can do is see how it pans out and ask the BBC what plans they might have for it all. Unfortunately this means that I won’t know what will be happening until it happens (obviously😳) so I’m afraid you will have to wait until tomorrow to find out the next instalment. All I know is that I am not particularly bothered about being seen on TV – although it really is great fun, I should simply like to get more exposure for the Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet blog that you guys are lucky enough to sit down to each day and read. Not that I’m bigging myself up or nuffink…

However, in other news closer to home, I am still managing the diet although I am crawling the walls thinking about chewing something. I reckon I shall soon start to act like a new pup and start chewing the leg of my office desk although I’m not sure I would like the taste of the chipboard wood stuff that it’s really made from (underneath all the glitzy shiny smooth surface). It makes me wonder why I chased around all over Oxfordshire this weekend hunting for my specific protein drink. I visited 6 different shops before I found one that stocked Upbeat (my specific protein drink) Amazing considering that the Feeling Upbeat website made it sound like they had retailers of their product in almost every shop on the high street!

Simply not true.

And because I had to try so hard before I was able to procure the required 12 drinks for these four days, I am positive it will be a good enough reason why I stick to this very dairy and fruit based meal plan.

Well my friends we are nearly there, just three more sleeps as my grandson said at the weekend. Well actually, he said 13 more sleeps but he was referring to how long it was before his birthday, which is May the 8th.

My son then informed me that apparently he is top of the class 😉

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

9 thoughts on “Back On Track


    Good luck with your filming – hope it all goes ahead and that you have the opportunity to pass on your experience to others (beyond this blog of course!). Only 3 more sleeps … stay out of the fridge! Carol x


    • Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

      Thank you Carol, very kind of you. Managing to reduce my fridge visits so fingers crossed I will make it to Friday unscathed 😉
      Hopefully filming will go well today. It is being shown on Thursday evening on BBC South at 18.30 so if you are in area, tune in to watch me spearing the word!
      Thanks again x


      • CAROL BOWEN BALL says:

        Do let me know any further details – might be able to get you a following on Facebook if I post the details on Thursday with a reminder to watch. I will certainly be in the area since this is also my region. C x

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

    I will email you everything I know Carol after we have completed filming. I have quite a bit to do today and possibly some tomorrow (although I hope not as I am a bit busy but it is so much fun I will do it for sure) Adina the reporter is certain it will be on BBC South at 18.30 on Thursday the 12th. Anyway, I shall email you. Any help would be great,
    Thanks again Carol

    Cameron x


  3. Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

    Hi Fiona, just through the door. Filming for ages then waiting to interview with the Surgeon who never showed! Rescheduled for tomorrow so hopefully can draw a line under this episode for the time being and concentrate on ME!
    I certainly will inform Taylor of his illustrious company, but judging by his mathematical skills, I’m pretty certain this knowledge will be entirely beyond him 😉


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