Wash Rinse Repeat

“I hear them saying tomorrow’s just another day, I hear them saying it gets better everyday” – Madness

So then, here we are.

Situation normal, it’s the eleventh hour and I’m sitting here wanting to relax after a quite brilliant day, I have things to say and words to write but I am knackered after fitting so much in to one small space of time. It was great fun though 🙂

I usually only allow myself one activity per day as for some reason that is about all I can manage, yesterday however, I went overboard and partook in FOUR! I know, crazy heh? I can barely believe it myself and I still had room for more, of that I am quite sure, so I reckon I’m gonna pay for this tomorrow with some aches and pains for sure…

So what did I do? Well, I went to mums and picked up my loot, some very nice clobber there thank you mum and brother 😉 Then I went for a walk with a friend and the dogs and afterward we went for coffee but were forced to leave the dogs outside 😦 – I still can’t believe in this day and age, more places aren’t “dog friendly” Anyway, rant over. I then visited my Auntie Stella in the Hospital. This lady has possibly know me longer than anyone outside of my family having lived next door to my mum for all of my 47 years on this planet and she still tells the story about how I stood on the coal-scuttle and sent coal one way and me the other. All part of growing up I hear you say, but then I was 22 at the time… 😉 Not really, I myself don’t remember it so I do question if it really did happen, you know these old folk, always embellishing stories at us kids expense… Anyway, we had been at the hospital for about 10 minutes when my mother announced that we were in the same ward that I had been in 47 years before all bar a couple of days. I had been born in the JR and then brought back to Wantage Hospital a few days later to continue with my bed rest. By all accounts I was so tired after being born, all I really did was sleep 😉  How amazing is that. I haven’t been in Wantage Hospital wards at all in my life and I end up in the very ward I was in nearly 47 years before to the day. Coincidence or Chaos… who knows..

Anyways, after an enjoyable visit with Auntie Stel (get well quick by the way) the evening finally came and I went to a friends where we had a lovely dinner of Thai Chicken Salad. Now if you recall what I said about trying something super yummy and low-calorie, well I did and I didn’t even have to make it! Lush or what! It was fantastic, it had edamame beans (a new experience for me that will be tried again) carrots, lettuce, other green bits and onions in it, along with noodles and chicken. It really was fandabidozy and light on calories, so light in fact I was able to have a desert of a baked plum with fat-free yogurt and some toasted almonds on top. I was stuffed, sated and happy.. Oh what a night…

I also am pleased to report there was no cake, no alcohol, no chips, no jelly and absolutely NO ice cream so 10 days out from the op date (changing schedules not withstanding), and I’m still knocking the diet out of the park with my birthday soon to be merely a memory along with my weight. Lets just hope that the date still stands because no cake and no beer on your birthday is a tough rule to take.

But nothing really changes does it! I’m still craving carbohydrate and sugar like my life depends on it. I shall be able to soldier on though, now that I have discovered Marshmallow. A fat-free treat although loaded with Carbohydrate. Mind you, in order to suffer from the Carb loading effects of marshmallow, you would have to eat packets and packets of them as remember, the, measurements are made on the 100 gems and I couldn’t even begin to think how many marshmallows I could have in 100 gms of the things…. I reckon I could lay on that amount and be just like the princess and the pea!

I started yesterday’s post by saying that maybe one day Google will have a page every March 3rd dedicated to me. Well how was I to know that had already happened…

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 10.31.35

How amazeballs is that?!!

Fame at last? No, just something they do if you have a Google account but it was pretty great to see this morning. I reckon my face would have been a picture!

Finally, I have received the letter from the Churchill hospital telling me that the surgery has been scheduled as we expected, but I have no further details of what time I need to attend, what happens or how long I am expected to stay. I believe I am set to have a meeting with Caroline the dietician sometime prior to the big day so I shall ask her and as soon as I know what typically occurs, I shall report.

So, watch this space to find out more.

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

3 thoughts on “Wash Rinse Repeat

  1. Osyth says:

    The Bean and I are entirely conditioned to France now where pretty much the only place she isn’t allowed is the butcher (which she is not happy about to be fair) … when we return to blighty I moan continually about having to leave her behind and what she says is unrepeatable.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Bad touch Bear says:

    AH only 9 days to go – I didn’t know it was so little. How much have you lost so far? (Try to translate it into USA standards) I was trying to figure out the whole stone bit, 1 stone is 14lbs? By the time I got close to what I would weigh I figured it would be best to just build a house; I was tired and that’s where logic went.

    Thai chicken salad sounds delicious. I had something similar with steak once but it had quite a bit of sugar – even though I was assured it came from the fruit in the salad.

    The kid in the washing machine…So that fits in with the coal story?


  3. Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

    Yes 9 days to go!
    Weightless of my own accord is 28 lbs as you guys say over the pond.
    Chick salad was lovely and no sugar at all. Low carb also apart from noodles.
    Yes the child in the washing machine relates to the coal scuttle and the title Rinse Wash Repeat.


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