A Mans Best Friend

Dog as man’s best friend has been around a very long time approximately 30,000 years in fact however, this only refers to the domesticated animal so is therefore not only man’s but woman’s best friend also – no discrimination on the dogs part.

It is posited that the saying came from when man used to hunt with a wolf as a companion. Their relationship was symbiotic in as much as the wolf was the better tracker and man the better killer. After the kill had been made, man would share the slaughtered prey with the wolf and thus the relationship prospered. It is unknown whether man domesticated the wolf into the dog by raising wolf cubs of his own or it was simply the fact that the wolf genes changed over the years as it worked more closely with man. Regardless of how, the dog finally became domesticated and being clever enough to understand the tone and intonation of a voice, was trainable and thus the friendship grew.

Animals are quite wonderful creatures. They have no desire to discriminate if some one is fat or thin, black, white or anywhere in between, disabled, ugly, good-looking, rich, poor, clean, dirty (although I would hazard a guess at some preferring us to err on the side of the soap dodger) they don’t care if we live on our own or in a big family and most of all, an animal really doesn’t mind what sex it’s owner is. No, all an animal or in this case a dog, cares about is two square meals a day, one good walk and someone to acknowledge and return their affection. That is it, plain and simple. The affection that an animal gives is an absolute godsend for some folk, myself included. There have been many famous dogs well-known for being a man’s/woman’s/mouse’s best friend which wholeheartedly proves the bond between canine and homosapien/rodent

Okay, okay yes there are a few “fictional” characters in there but hey, this blog is supposed to be fun and insightful and you should know how my brain works by now…. You will see the last one on the list is very much a lesser know name, even so, he is still one of the very best because Archie is my dog.

Born August the 3rd 2005, Archie is a cross between a Patterdale, a Jack Russell, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and a Lakeland Terrier. Forever youthful with a face that could melt hearts and breath that could melt metal, Archie can sometimes be regarded as an anathema to my company and sometimes not. He’s my best friend but I am fairly certain I am not his, no, that job is split between many of the different people he knows and believe me when I say he knows a LOT of people.

I first got the breath monster in October of 2005 and we bonded pretty quickly with him coming with me wherever I went. As I worked for myself as an Audio Visual Installations Engineer, he was great company for me on my journeys all round the UK plying my trade. He was always welcomed at any place I went and every customer that met him, loved him right away.

I must admit that I have been blessed with such a good-natured dog and I enjoy his company very much. He sits with me in my office everyday as I write and all he asks for in return is a nice long walk and the chance to chase his tennis ball until he can no longer walk. He is particularly good at letting you know when it’s over, he will run after the ball for the last time (although you are unaware it is the last time) catch it, half run/half walk back to you, slow down on his approach then simply walk straight past and head toward the car. That always makes it pretty clear that he’s had enough.

He’s a very good pal to have around, great company for walks but mostly a great reason for getting out each day. As I may have said in the blog prior to this dog centric piece, Archie went to  live with my mother when I broke my leg a couple of years ago and pretty much stayed there as he preferred the accommodation and the company, hey, them’s is the breaks… I got over it and saw him most days but mum took charge of his ministrations. He would still come and stay and I would still walk him on occasion once loaded up with my pain medication so we never forgot each other…

Well having this diet administered alongside a modicum of increased activity, I have been walking the dog each day. Being a copacetic arrangement, it is good for both of us so once I have gotten my medication spot on I can walk him and simply cross my fingers I’m not falling asleep on my return home (pain killers can do that you know…) This week we have walked everyday due to mother not being available and it has obviously been very good for me. I have loved every minute of spending time with him which itself is proof that animals are beneficial for our wellbeing both mentally and physically. In fact a study was undertaken recently by Portsmouth University’s Department of Environmental Design and Management. This study noted that the daily chore of walking the dog can help with depression and reduce loneliness. It also encourages exercise, something which I myself can currently attest to. I feel so feel much better both mentally and physically once I have walked the pooch even if I am quite tired. I feel brighter and better when I am outside as I said in Fridays post A Quantum Of Solace and the psychological studies have proved this to be fact.

However, getting home is just as fun. I make a hot drink sit on the sofa and he will jump up and sit next to me. It really is wonderful feeling. If I have been “ignoring” him throughout the day because I’m busy writing, he mopes about unable to settle on his double bed – yes, Archie sleeps on a double bed, or at my feet because he wants some attention. When he finally gets it, he eats it up, he wants to play, get some strokes and some cuddles and I am daft enough to be taken in and become his enabler. Sometimes if he is settled and dozing if I am in a different room to him and my phone rings, he will come and get me to answer it just so he can watch me talking, even weirder is when he leaves his cozy berth to do this, he then looks like he is waiting for something to happen after I say goodbye to the caller!

Clever little dog!

He is almost human and I could swear sometimes he actually knows it. I am also sure he knows that’s the way he helps out, keeping me both mentally and physically active whenever he is around.

‘Till tomorrow.

Stay out of the fridge.

3 thoughts on “A Mans Best Friend

  1. Aubrie says:

    Dogs are truly a gift from the heavens. I don’t know what I’d do without my two guys. This was a great post about your Archie. I also agree, I wish there was a Love button! 🙂


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