Four Seasons In One Day

Well, as some of you may have heard, I was on the radio yesterday but I wasn’t a well man – I’m still not truth be told but I knew I had to write something for you guys today, no matter how short.

The program ended up with me phoning in and not being in the studio so it was a bit of a wasted opportunity I suppose as I wanted to rail against the new rules regarding the offer of Bariatric Surgery. I wanted to get out to the world that I was going to walk the Ridgeway next year for charity, I also wanted to tell people that I had a blog.

Those two things were kind of done but the story was mainly based around a woman who had been fat as a child as child obesity was trending yesterday, she got the lions share. Things like this won’t do I can tell you. How am I expected to take over the worlds media with only bit parts!

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I Don’t Want To Sound Like A Broken Record

I am sure that we all have a limited tolerance when it comes to things being regurgitated over a short period of time; and I really DO NOT want to sound like a broken record but it is simply something we have to get across to the world.

Bariatric Surgery Saves Lives.

It’s simple.

So why is that many people who believe this to be true, also feel like they are wasting their breath by continuing to sound the rallying cry.

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Just A Walkin’ The Dawg…

Yesterday I reunited myself with my favourite pooch in the whole world. The lord of little legs, he of the breath monster fame.

My lovely Archie now also known as Sherlock Bones…

He came to me one night in the week and although we had a small walk it was only a pre bedtime “got to stretch my legs old man” walk where Archie was the slowest of slow breathing in EVERY smell that he came across. In fact, one day I think I shall check his dog credentials and would not be surprised to find some bloodhound in him or even more likely, some affiliation to some top-secret dog agency where he is in charge of doggy GPS (Gross Pee Smells) where they use the dogs rest stop areas to look for clues and identify any top priority escapee’s or the like… ūüėČ

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I’ve Been Driving In My Car

Two weeks later! I cannot believe that it is two weeks later!

So much has happened and so little has happened.

I have recuperated, I have walked a little, I have attended my school reunion and yesterday was the lucky winner of two more milestones.

Yesterday I got drive my car for the first time since before the op!

Oh, and I also¬†got to eat puree’d food!

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The Intrinsic Factor

Vitamin B12.

Heard of it?

Okay, so it’s called Cobalamin, but can you tell me what it does?

No? Me neither but it is one of the many things that I shall no longer produce enough of myself since having part of my stomach removed meaning that there will be regular supplements having to be injected on a quarterly basis.

That is along with a daily regimen of multi vitamins, minerals and iron that I shall have to suck down. Not literally iron filings but a manufactured supplement to improve my insides and relieve any borderline anaemia.

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Paying It Forward.

Paying it forward is an expression for describing the beneficiary of a good deed repaying it to others instead of to the original benefactor. 

It has only been a wee while since I started this blog of mine, in comparison to some others that is; and is as you know only 12 days since I underwent my procedure yet already I am looking at ways of “paying it forward” and helping others. As I launched last week and stated yesterday, I shall be walking the Ridgeway (an area of natural beauty I am lucky enough to live next to) next year when I am fully fit and fully healed. I shall be doing this for a yet to be determined charity but it will be related to the Oxford Bariatric Service and under the umbrella of Oxford University Hospitals Churchill site.

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Sell The Sizzle Not The Sausage

Although it is only 11 days since my surgery I feel amazing. I have to be honest and say I am still struggling with the food that I have to eat but not in a bad way, I am struggling in the fact that I am sick fed up of sweet foodstuffs.

Oh how I long for a sausage.

Not a packet of sausages, not a plate of sausages, not even a number of sausages in amongst a plate of a fried breakfast of bacon, eggs, hash browns,mushroom, black pudding, beans….add infinitum.

No, just a sausage. A humble juicy meat flavoured sausage.

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Someone Get Me The Three Billy Goats Gruff


These are no longer the disenfranchised cast outs who live under bridges. No, that would be a fairy tale too far. These are disenfranchised cast outs who invariably live in the comfort of an Ivory Tower.

Not like the one the princess unfurled her long golden locks from in Rapunzel but the kind that has running hot and cold stupidity, mains supplied ignorance and a television for shouting at.

Oh and they probably have some kind of paper delivered every day from which they take their own direct political manifesto’s from.

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Feeling A Bit Leftover

Saturday evening has really done a number on me. I found myself all day yesterday feeling as flat as a pancake – only emotionally speaking though; and as a close friend chose to remind me, it would happen but it would be a couple of years before I actually was flat because for the time being, I was still round! Mates eh? Who’d have ’em!

Anyway as I said, yesterday saw me feeling a touch fed up I suppose and it got me to start thinking as to why and I have determined it was one of two things, either I was a little more poorly than I initially thought or I was more overwhelmed by the evening in the company of people whom I have not seen for many many years.

Possibly it was a mixture of the two.

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I’m In The Mood For Dancin’

Well thats that then.

It’s all over for another 31 years is it?

Well I for one, to be honest, would like to see another in a few years time. One that see’s me able to stay until the end, not having to take my leave before the Nolan Sisters burst into life because I have been¬†escorted off of the premises by a GP – that’s a Doctor for those of you around the other side of the globe!

Now before I go any further I really do have to congratulate ALL of the guys who were involved in arranging this, no matter how big or how small your part was, you were involved in the creation of something truly wonderful so well done. I am sure a good night will have been had by all and the bad head count in the morning will definitely be of prolific proportions!

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