So It’s A Date Then…


I have finally been informed officially of the date of my procedure.

Actually I was given the date last Friday but told not to announce to anyone until we were sure it was properly scheduled and could not be altered without good reason, so I am hoping that good reason ever comes, unless Jason takes over the operating theatre with his hockey mask on, because….

The date I was given?

Only bloody Friday the thirteenth of March!


Looks like when I spoke in jest it maybe wasn’t so funny after all; and now it’s come round to bite me on the bum!

I imagine I shall have to live by all of those great things I said about the staff and the surgeons and how a date doesn’t matter. It is after all only a number on a calendar and brings no influence to the actual outcome of the days events. However, that said, I may still yet fall under the influence of the anaesthetic with my fingers crossed 😉

Very weirdly, it was only by sheer chance that I found this news out. I had emailed Caroline Fletcher, the dietician at the clinic, to ask for an update as I had been wondering for a while if we were any closer to a date for the procedure. Her reply was immediate and not by email. She called my phone with a Caller ID Withheld number, a number I usually do not answer as it is invariably someone telling me I have had an accident in the past three years (news to me) or asking if I would like my PPI refunding (Really? Are they still doing this?) but with some kind of 6th sense, I knew this call was one I really wanted to take. It was Caroline and the first words from her mouth was an apology. She had been meaning to call much than sooner than that day because as it turns out, they had already provisionally booked my date for the 13th of March without realising it was now only 3 weeks prior to the operation and I needed that 3 weeks for my liver cleansing diet!

To be honest, if I had made the call instead of the Caroline, the first words that would have left my mouth would have been “Put that cream cake down!” Fortunately enough I wasn’t actually eating a cream cake although I must confess, I was probably thinking about one 🙂 However, Caroline was completely calm about the short notice and took on my excitement and enthused with me. She then began to give me my instructions and tell me what I could expect over the next 3 weeks and the fact that my diet had to start there and then, even though I was going for lunch the next day (for which I was given special dispensation to eat more than my newly allotted daily intake) and was due to partake in a Chinese meal the next night in a farewell bid to my take-away days. Fortunately I was actually on an extra fasting day on that Friday when she called so it was just the two small breaks from the dieting schedule and they could be accommodated easily.

Well suffice to say I was able to do it. I have put the worst of my ways behind me and here I sit, thinking about food as I write about food as I look for some kind of inspiration to get me through all of these upcoming lean days without food. If we refer to yesterdays post Brain Foods where I talked of needing calories for my inspirations I have just read a message from someone who reads this blog and they have said the reason for my struggling with the ideas and output could simply be a change over in types of eating habits. I have been good over the past few weeks and I have been really good over the past four days, so maybe now its possible that I am benefiting from these brain foods even if I am still calorifically challenged.

Hopefully all will go according to plan between now and the 13th of March. I will be able to stick to the “fasting liver cleanse” diet for the next 15 days I am sure, because to my weak-willed mind there is an end point so I have a value that I can put on the timescale instead of just a few days before the usual boredom sets in as my brain starts telling me “Go on, eat that pie, it’ll be fine”. So here we go then, fingers crossed for an uneventful next 15 days and then we will see if I really am any good at blogging because by then I will be under the influence of the hospital medical care team and prescription drugs 😉 Now don’t be surprised if it’s there but is such gobbledygook it makes yesterdays post look like something Dickens himself would have been proud of.

Actually, whilst we are on the subject of the blogging, yesterday I was nominated for something called the Liebster Award which is to do with new coming bloggers. I have to be honest, I am very flattered to have even been considered at all and really appreciate the chance to shine in the spotlight (of sorts). Now I simply have to work out how to accept, write a post about it and then pay it forward. If you come back in the next couple of days you should find a new heading in the menu section telling you all about it.

Being nominated is fantastic as I said but also a little worrying as I’m afraid to say I am one of those sad people who needs constant reassurance of his own ability when it comes to being creative. If you ask me to fix your car or install a computer network or a high-end Audio Visual System, that is not a problem at all. I know I am good at that, but when it comes to stuff from the heart, I’m a little bit nervous of what others might think. But honestly, looking at my blog so far, I can say that I am pretty happy with it. Not smug happy as there is a long way yet to go but it appears to be improving week on week.

Maybe it is directly related to my ability getting stronger or maybe it is simply because I have now been around for a month but I have just noticed my following tipping over 200 and my “reads” hitting an all time high of 126 on Tuesday.

I am pretty blown away to say the very least 🙂

4 thoughts on “So It’s A Date Then…

  1. Osyth says:

    Congratubluddylations (I would go into Cliff Richard here but since he appears to be in the wrong sort of spotlight according to BBC breaking news perhaps I won’t just now) … so well done on the date and well done on the award (richly deserved I might add) …. good day all round old chap 🙂

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