Oh The Good Life

Full of fun, seems to be the ideal.

Right up until you can’t move. You can no longer get out of that chair to get the remote control to turn the TV over. Damnation! Why didn’t you pick that up before you sat down with your bacon fried onion dogs (I just made that up and I think I fancy one…) and large bucket of steak fried chicken, oh and of course your can of diet coke. Now you’ll just have to sit and watch whatever the TV station broadcasts until you can get your breath back enough to get out of that chair. But hold on, maybe you can get McDonald’s to come round and get the remote control for you, after all you are their best customer. Then you wonder if the pizza delivery guy would pick it up if you ordered a pizza…

That’s the good life right there. Or it is for some people. Completely knackered and don’t want to get any better. Happy to keep piling carbs, fat and sugar into their bodies just as the adverts are telling them to. Besides, it’s cheaper and easier than going to the store, buying some ingredients, bringing them home and cooking them – god forbid – that sound’s like much too much effort. So you stay with the good life and try to ride this storm out until somebody solves it for you. That storm is the obesity epidemic. I was on my way to being caught in it but I have decided to get a grip of myself and probably just in the nick of time. It’s an epidemic not only in this country but all over the world where people are over eating on absolutely terrible foods marketed only for instant gratification. Put that alongside not exercising and it is apparent the whole world is putting their lives in serious danger. Oh, and I’m as guilty as anyone.

Amazingly enough, in the world obesity rankings, the UK aren’t even in the top ten and the USA, the land of supersize me only manages a paltry 8th. No, according to the records, the fattest countries on earth are the ones that are becoming more westernised day by day as they import McDonald’s, Coke, Subway, Pizza Hut, Burger King and KFC among other big fast food names. These countries are the likes of South Africa, The U.A.E, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and topping the scales? Kuwait.

As of 2014 the figures related that approximately 2.1 billion people – that’s 29% of the world’s population were obese. That means one in three people are overweight. Tables show that in the Western European obesity rankings the UK rank a heady 5th for men and 3rd for women. It sounds like it is getting to a point where us fat people are becoming the norm and I for one don’t like it. I don’t like it because I honestly don’t think that the figures are entirely true. They may be correct in ranking the countries obesity levels in comparison to each other but they are probably way off in determining the actual obese people in that country. Figures such as this would almost certainly mean that one in three of your friends are in fact obese. What’s amazing is, they probably don’t even know it. You would have thought only being able to wear 3XL jogging pants might have given them a clue though….

But seriously, these figures are either incredibly scary or incredibly scare-mongery.

I will give you an example. Back in 2001 when I was lifting a lot of weights and training every single day I had a waistline of 34″ a chest of 56″ with arms, neck and legs to match. I really struggled to get below 18 stone in weight yet the fat content on my body was quite minimal. However, this put me in the BMI scale at Obese with a calculation of 37.1 %.

Utterly ridiculous.

These calculations are further mocked when a professional athlete of average height with a good body mass of 89 kg or so would be classed as overweight having a BMI of 28.7%. I have written before about my current BMI of 47% being classed as morbidly obese yet I really cannot see how I can possibly have such a high reading. In my classification I should really suffer from Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease, Ulcerated skin, a higher than normal chance of cancer, be much more tired and on the whole be a lot less welcomed than I generally am. However, because the BMI readings are set the way they are, I am still regarded as morbidly obese despite not ticking any of these boxes – well maybe the last one, I know for a fact that I am NOT welcome everywhere… 😉

This scale means that even when I have lost the weight the doctors want me to, I will still actually be regarded as overweight! I will hopefully have lost 50 kg at the end of the treatment and will therefore be weighing in around 95 kg but according to the scale I will still have a BMI calculation of 30% otherwise known as obese! It gets even more ridiculous when you read the recommended guideline weight for my height being between 57 kg – 77 kg. I wasn’t even that weight when I left school and I could probably show you a picture of how skinny I actually was back then!

No, I personally think the scale needs some work to allow for the initial weight of a heavyset naturally muscular frame to be taken into consideration. Don’t get me wrong, I still know that I am overweight, obese even but no longer do I buy into the morbid part of it as that has to refer to the health concerns of which I spoke of earlier and at present I have none of those. I know there are people who do fit the profile of morbid and super obese and in their case, the scale could be considered accurate, I just believe it needs a bit of work to try to get the overall worldwide figures reflecting a modicum of reality. But don’t worry, no matter if this does change we will still have the 5th and 3rd rankings in Western Europe so all of that eating won’t be a complete loss… 😉

We have to wonder who actually benefits from the scale being set so disproportionate to reality. I know I will benefit as I get to have the surgery due to my BMI calculation on the current scale and I know that it will increase my life expectancy making me very lucky to be in a position to get it done before it changes for the worst (my weight not the scale) and if I can get it done, why then are hundreds of other people not being recommended for the surgery or is it another one of those cure for the common cold situations? The pharmaceutical companies don’t really want one as they make too much money selling their snake oil in a bid to mask the symptoms of the cold, not cure it for the sufferer.

Maybe this is why I am labelled as obese and not overweight. It’s possible with the larger label, I can cause more of a furore and make more money for the worlds weight loss markets as they spin their wheel of fortune. Well now I’m finished with answering questions and filling in blanks, I’ve played the game for long enough.

It’s about time I won tonights star prize.

‘Till tomorrow

Stay out of the fridge.

2 thoughts on “Oh The Good Life

  1. Osyth says:

    I hate this whole BMI nonsense. As an International Rower I was the same weight as I am now but I wore a full size smaller in clothing … that is because I had little fat and lots of muscle. The sooner people actually stop quoting figures and look at the actual make-up of their figure (body) the better. You will be lighter, brighter and fitter for this surgery and you will be putting obesity back in the corner where it belongs which is the only upside I can see to the BMI calculation at all!

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