Big Brother Is Watching You.

The world of social media has always to me been something of a complete disinterest. I joined the Facebook many years ago when it was taking off and soon tired of it when all I would see was drunken pictures of people I did not know informing me of their night out being “Mental!” and if it was not that, then people posting pictures of their dinner and telling me about their bowel movements. Now I know that sounds extreme and it is to be honest but I think you are getting my drift. It was completely pointless as far as I was concerned and I soon grew tired of it.

Then Twitter came along and people started to tweet. I set up an account, didn’t really understand it and quickly lost interest. Again, it was being used to discuss unmentionables and show pictures of dinners (mind you, I am now guilty of that very thing myself – the dinners not the unmentionables) and the more it went in that direction the more I went in the other..

So what happened?

Well, with writing this blog as recommended by Auntie (that’s the BBC for anyone reading in far off lands) I needed some way of launching the platform the blog would be set on and social media is proving to be the place.

Although sceptical at first, I was recommended to Twitter and with the aid of some very helpful people slowly got to grips with it (thanks again to @gilliancarr and @nickyhenshall) and pretty soon I was beginning to understand the vagaries of tweets, hash tags, retweets and favourites. I am still very slow at it but I see its value and even more so when this blog is automatically set up to share it’s latest posting with the world as it tweets each time a new post is made. I even use it as a motivational tool when I am fasting and need some support. @Yorkshiretea and @Nespresso are the two most helpful sending me tweets of support when I mention how their product is helping to stave off the hunger pangs that go with limiting yourself to such a low-calorie count per day. Even @KB_Popmaster is kind enough to give a mention when tweeted about as filling time between cups of tea.

Twitter was doing well but it wasn’t picking up as much as I would have hoped for so I started looking for other ways of promoting and heard about a Facebook page that could be attached to an account of mine so I could remain fairly anonymous. I set up my Facebook account and then set up the Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet page to get extra traffic through my blog. Well slowly but surely the amount of friend requests for my account started to grow so I realised I may as well use it to my advantage and invite other friends who were not aware of my return to the FB and get as much traffic through my page as possible.

It is quite remarkable how Facebook works – I may be able to let you know exactly how it does work after receiving my first lesson next week from a certain Mrs Parker-Smith but it’s early days yet and I’m a bit dim 😉 So as I said, it is remarkable how it works in today’s world being much more community biased with people building a network of friends so they can raise awareness for different issues, advertise goods that are free to a good homes (or bad ones, I don’t think people really mind), they can keep people in touch from all over the world, arrange nights out, message each other for free, re introduce long-lost friends and obviously show funny videos of cats.

I have promoted my site on Facebook by paying to boost the site viewings with worldwide advertising. It is relatively inexpensive and works quite well but not as well as my own friends on the site sharing the daily links with their friends on the site, who then share those links with their friends and so on. They do say that word of mouth is an incredible thing and works so very well as long as people keep talking about it. So that becomes the challenge. I need to keep people talking about it. That means I have to blog everyday. It also means I have to find other outlets for my writing.

So I started to read online journals and study where they got their information from and after investigation and various speculative emails, I am lucky enough that upon submitting a piece for consideration by Huffington Post, I have been accepted as a regular blogger which means my writing could have a possible audience of up to 100 million. Obviously this is worldwide and would require everyone who visited the site to look for my blog, unlikely but still an exciting statistic when I first heard it. At the time of starting the Huffington Post blog I would have been happy if it increased my blog website traffic to double figures so being read around the world was a secondary consideration.

When I started, I became my first follower and talked my mum into being the second (good old mum!)That was me off, I was fast approaching the heady days of “You have 2 followers”

That was 26 daily blogs ago and today I have a registered following of 153 (that figure no longer includes me either) This is a figure I am so totally surprised at, I am not going to ask anyone who reads this blog today to sign up for my site and get daily links straight to your inbox for free so you never miss another post. No, that would be badgering 😉 So thrilled am I that this many people are signed up, I do not become down heartened when the daily reading figures sometimes fall short because I know everyone is busy in this day and age, but I mean really? Do you honestly not have 5 minutes a day to spare old Cam the weight loss journeyman?  Go on, you know you do really…

Well I think that is enough badgering for one day, I really just wanted to share with you my new take on social media not being a pointless Big Brother type of community that was only based around drunken posts. Today, the social media that I was first aware of all those years ago has grown up and is now far more valuable to the community than it ever was. I firmly believe this although I may just be being selfish because if it weren’t for social media, I would probably still be an unread blogger who hassles his friends each day to see if they had read thoughts and opinions they probably had no real interest in.

Here’s hoping none of you fall into the latter category.

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

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