Fat people Yesterday

Here’s One I made Earlier

It’s now been about three weeks since I started to blog on a daily basis and I still haven’t talked about anyone else and their experience of the Bariatric journey, so today I aim to put that right.

I shall not name the person in question but suffice to say she is a lady I have known for a few years now and have never known her small until now. I shall refer to her as K

I received a text from K congratulating me on my decision to go with the Bariatric option, telling me it had changed her life completely and she was no longer the person she once was. She also told me that the surgery wasn’t a cure although it was an enormous help. The fact that she said what I believed about it not curing the mind and that bad habits, even though manageable, could easily creep back in resonated with my own thought process and it made me wonder if all of us fat folk deep down are really the same.

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