Walking On Sunshine, Yesterday.

And I’m Walking On Sunshine, Whoa oh!

I like to walk. I have been doing it for many years now, about 46 if my mother is to be believed….

I like to walk for pleasure, at least thats when I go for a walk. The rest of the time it is usually the only mode of transport available when one is inebriated (although those days are now gone) and has no other choice because given the opportunity, I pretty much drive everywhere else and I shouldn’t.

I should use walking in more in my lifestyle change. But that is easier said than done. I drive everywhere because somedays, walking is such an incredible task that I wouldn’t wish the pain on my worst enemy.

I would like to simply nip to the shops with a sprightly walk as I live near the town, or perhaps walk to a friend house but instead I must drive and get no exercise. This is pretty much because my body aches all day long and too much walking is not particularly helpful to my remaining pain-free. However, I still like to walk so I use it as a leisure activity and make it part of my exercise regime as and when I can – Doctors orders no less.

I did write a couple of weeks ago that I considered walking without a dog to be a terrible waste but since then I have walked a couple of times without him and have learnt that I actually do still enjoy it just as much, both with or without the dog. Obviously if I have the dog, I just look like a fat bloke who is walking his dog where as if I am walking on my own, in my mind I automatically look like that is my only form of exercise and I am in such bad shape, that I cannot manage anything resembling the proper stuff.

Even if it is true, I don’t want it shared with the world by people witnessing me loafing along on my own but I have no choice, it is simply a mental issue that I will have to get over or I never again go out without the dog for appearances sake.

How stupid do I sound?

Well it’s either that or I go to the gym and it is far nicer walking in the open air than on a treadmill. When the sun is shining on your face and the cold is biting around your legs even if I don’t have an animal for keeping up appearances there is very little that matches the feeling. The countryside we have in this area is quite wonderful, it’s just a shame it gets so wet and chewed up that walking on it becomes virtually impossible without experiencing several tumbles at the hands of the slippery mud, but even on these times you can walk along pavements and still see the fields and wildlife without fear of damage.

I walked on Sunday with both my Mother and the dog. It was a very nice day although cold and the sun shone brightly making the world a brighter place. We ended up walking about 6 kilometres which although doesn’t sound very far in this day and age of marathon blogging, let me assure you I was pooped as was the dog. Amazingly enough my mother, a lady in her seventies, was still springing along with energy to spare. Crazy when you think her 46-year-old son is struggling to keep up but then maybe not so much when you realise he is carrying 25 stone in weight. I mean seriously, could many slim people have their own body weight strapped to their back and then walk 6 kilometres? I doubt it very much. It’s probably why the app “Map My Walk” registered a calorie usage of 922 kCals. That is more than I am allowed to consume on a fasting day. Crazy. Mind you on a fasting day, if I had done this amount of walking, I would have been suffering from the blood sugar crash as I did last week and would have either been in bed or up to my neck in sugar and carbs.

The only real issue with walking this far on Sunday is that it kept me housebound for two days afterward, so although a “well done Cam” is what I said to myself after reading the stats, I have to say that now it maybe wasn’t the best idea if I was unable to move properly for the next two days. I still ache today!

But it is because I still ache that I am going to go out again and try a sedate walk to see if it loosens anything up. I will this time have the benefit of the dog and a pal is going to walk with me for a bit of moral support which as great as it is, always seems to fade when he tells me he is going back home to change and go for a run or a cycle when my only option is to come home and flop in the chair for an hour to recuperate. Still maybe Archie (the dog) will give me a cuddle and make me feel a bit better, unless he himself is too tired form the walk and simply goes straight under the bed for a good lay down.

All of the above is another reason why I am so focused on the weight loss that will come from surgery. I am positive that although there are muscular and joint problems throughout my body, they will all be dramatically reduced once I have started to bang into shedding the pounds.

However, this is something that appears only tertiary for many people under going weight loss surgery. Diabetes is the main protagonist with high blood pressure, heart and respiratory issues coming very close, but as I am lucky enough not to suffer from either of these then I will mostly be concentrating on once again becoming mobile. Okay, I will also get the benefit of hopefully reversing my Sleep Apnoea which is an extremely major issue but because I use a special little CPAP (Continuous Positive  Airway Pressure) machine, it kind of removes that issue from my mind, more than any other due to the fact I am asleep when this condition is aiming to do me harm….

But hey, the way I see it is when I lose weight and start to relieve the pressure on my back and joints the need for a CPAP machine should go too; and when that eventually happens I will consider it my own little Brucey Bonus and then I really will be Walking On Sunshine….

‘Till Tomorrow

Stay out of the fridge.

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