Keep Us From Temptation

“I can resist everything except temptation” – Oscar Wilde

Never a truer word spoken.

We all suffer from it in varying degrees. We are all guilty of it whether it be the temptation of forbidden love or the temptation of a new purchase be it shoes, clothes or cars (one of my particular failings) but mostly we suffer from the temptation of some extra calories.

I do not believe anyone can remain 100% true to their diet for weeks on end without a slight slip up, whether it be a sneaky pint, a relaxing and indulging glass of wine or a sugary treat (again, my failing). It is human nature to be tempted. Since the dawn of mankind there has been a modicum of seduction designed to do one thing only – trip us up enough until we fall and indulge. Whether it be calorific or wallet emptying we cannot stop until we have “scratched that itch”

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