ZX81, Yesterday.

Marketing The Modern World

One thing I wasn’t aware of when I started to write this little blog of mine was that I would be notified with the amount of people reading or following it.

I’m a now more than a little concerned that I may be starting to obsess.

It starts when I wake in the morning and have my first cup of tea as I try to think of something to write for the next days entry. That’s right, the next days entry is what I said. I’ve already known for 24hrs before you what the content will be, shocking 😉 In explanation however, it’s organisation not because I choose to but because I have to. I have no choice. It’s the only way my crazy brains partial OCD nature will let me deal with the stress of not having anything for people to read. This unfortunately carries on until I have done as much as I can to “market” it to the world.

I’m afraid this is where the obsession is really taking hold. I am becoming a results driven marketing executive in my own little bariatric blogging empire.

I look at the figures of page views through the day and believe me when I say I am blown away when for example on Thursday, I had 72 people read the blog! 72! To be honest that’s more than I thought I would ever get, but now it’s happened I find myself wanting more. I then begin to worry over the lack of total site views and wonder why people aren’t reading the back story to the blog so I look for ways of getting it promoted. It’s all very sad, after all it’s only a mess of words I originally put together in a hope that one or two people might read them, but it appears the numbers demon has taken over and now I’m getting myself worked up about nothing.

Well nothing in the grand scheme of things.

I suppose it’s like being the parent of an ugly, unruly child. I want mine to be the bonniest and most intelligent one around and I want everyone to see it even though I know it’s not. Which leaves me having to plug away at it and make sure I get positive affirmation whenever I can. That’s where you come in. I need to get as many people reading the site and searching for it as I can because it will mean that Google will start to acknowledge this site is the best hit when someone enters Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet and not return results on an article about big fridge magnets or large fridge magnet collections! I actually searched “bariatric blog uk” a couple of hours ago and this site doesn’t feature, yet a blog that was written a year ago is still showing as it has the words bariatric and blog in its title. Kind of cheating really, but you can see what I am up against when it comes to getting the site recognised.

In an ideal world an internet surfing johhny would be able to put in the word “bariatric” and come up with my site on one of the first few pages. So if I aim for “bariatric blog” or the like, I would be happy to see my blog heading up the top of the page. This is difficult though. I am told that in order for this to happen, I need as much traffic through my site as I possibly can. I also need to write articles on other sites hence my four stories on eZine; and the three all new blogs written for Huffington Post, which I have very fortunately been offered the chance to blog on. I need these other sites that I write on to link back to my own site and then the magic starts with Google and the mystery of the results page.

I know there are many ways to skin this cat but that is why I need you to please help me get this site as noticed as possible. I need you to recommend to your friends on the Facebook and the Twitter and the Google+ site. Once your friends have looked, maybe they can get their friends to look. We need this blog really firing on all 12 cylinders. That’s right, count them, all 12 cylinders. It’s a silky smooth Grand Tourer of a blog. Designed to get you through the words with the greatest of ease and have you finish reading without having realised any effort on your behalf.

In the mean time I will continue to do my best and promote this on the Facebook and the Twitter and ask anyone I meet of they want to read it. I am thinking of having some cards made up with the address printed on it, then leave them lying around in random places for people’s interest to be got the better of, but maybe that’s a bit much….

Social media is obviously one way a site like this will flourish and get into peoples hearts and minds. Perhaps with some more planning on my behalf it will get bigger and bigger until eventually someone reads it and it gives them the courage to investigate the possibility of a gastric procedure and if not, at least it might give them the nudge they need to kick-start their own body revolution or simply answer a few questions whilst offering a moments entertainment as they learn they are not alone in what they think.

Inevitably promoting through social media means a Podcast and a Video Blog become expected and If I am honest, I have already started to make inroads to this end although I am still at the early stages. However, the day will surely come when the three first hits of googling Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet turn out to be the blog, the v-log and the pod. As I say, I am not sure when this will be, but it is inevitable in this day and age of easy communication.

One thing I do know for sure, after talking to the BBC yesterday I’d better be running a pretty slick operation by mid March when the alleged surgery should be taking place. They would like to start filming me a week before I go under the knife and carry on through until I am getting back on my feet to give regular updates on my progress. They no doubt will want to compare pictures of me before and after which will be fine, just as long as they don’t expect me to put both my legs down one side of an old pair of trousers and stand there looking amazed 😉 The Television interest should serve to give the blog a great deal of exposure so it needs to be easily searchable with people finding the site without issue or at least without being directed to a fridge magnet collection before it.

Crazy when you consider how far communication has come. In the early 80’s I honestly believed the Sinclair ZX81 was as close to nirvana as I thought we would ever get.

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

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