ZX81, Yesterday.

Marketing The Modern World

One thing I wasn’t aware of when I started to write this little blog of mine was that I would be notified with the amount of people reading or following it.

I’m a now more than a little concerned that I may be starting to obsess.

It starts when I wake in the morning and have my first cup of tea as I try to think of something to write for the next days entry. That’s right, the next days entry is what I said. I’ve already known for 24hrs before you what the content will be, shocking 😉 In explanation however, it’s organisation not because I choose to but because I have to. I have no choice. It’s the only way my crazy brains partial OCD nature will let me deal with the stress of not having anything for people to read. This unfortunately carries on until I have done as much as I can to “market” it to the world.

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