Fat Bastard Clothing, Yesterday

Mr Fat B@$t@rd – Fashion For The Fuller Figure

Fashion for the fuller figure. That’s what I’ve had to look for since the weight piled on. As my size slowly went from 34″ waist to 42″ waist and my chest went from an L to a XXL, but I didn’t really seem to mind as I could still go to high street shops and buy the designer clothes I wanted. When they started to get a bit harder to come by I changed my shopping habits and bought from the chain stores such as Next and Marks & Spencer. In the early days I would even allow myself to be “sent up” for my size by wearing a shirt that said exactly what the title of the blog reads – MR FAT BASTARD – Fashion For The Fuller Figure. Everyone thought it was hilarious, well everyone around my age group I suppose…..

Before I knew it though I was starting to struggle with buying clothes in the high street, designer or otherwise. Places just didn’t seem to carry the size I required and this made it difficult to get anything in the way of fashionable. A size 50″ waistline was excessive and a 58″ chest required a XXXL to a XXXXL size. Every now and then I would come across something that was okay but it was becoming harder with each purchase. At the same time as I became disillusioned with the shopping experience, I started to become aware of my size being such a problem when being out in that environment, that I felt very uncomfortable indeed. Shops didn’t make allowances for the bigger sizes and the assistants didn’t really make any allowances for the bigger customer. In hindsight, I suppose this is why I stopped clothes shopping completely and started a shoe collection. Let’s face it, I was always guaranteed shoes would fit and getting my retail therapy fix through the joys of footwear soon became the norm 😉

But I needed clothes. I know they say you can tell a lot from a pair of shoes and I think that may be right but a good pair of shoes are easily overlooked when the rest of you is wearing a garbage sack. So I became an expert at hunting down sites that sold clothes for the fuller figure. Back then they were few and far between with High & Mighty being the only one that springs to mind and the clothing choice left a great deal to be desired. Crazy really, because if I went on a trip to the U.S.A, there were plenty of clothes that would fit from almost any shop. Even better still, over there I would only really be described as “Husky” and not really that overweight! So it was from then on that most of my clothing came from the States in the form of Ralph Lauren Polo. I have always found that the RL stuff appears to fit me that little bit better and last a bit longer as it always washes and irons well – actually, I don’t know about that second part of the statement, Mr Domesticity here hasn’t owned an iron or an ironing board for over ten years……..

Nowadays I nearly always buy my clothes from the States through a couple of suppliers I have become friendly with, as I have also found that RL UK have a mail order service where they can supply certain clothing lines to the chubbier among us. I place the order, they are despatched and generally in a matter of days they are being pushed through my letter box. Sometimes I end up paying an import duty on them but always a marginal amount. This is now a proven solution to an age-old problem here in the UK and especially to a problem I have encountered for too long. I mean surely with the nations waistlines expanding steadily over the past few years, the likes of the M&S and Next must see the opportunity in selling larger sizes off the peg. I mean not every fat bloke is happy wearing jogging pants and shoes topped off with an ill-fitting end of line rugby top and an industrial hi-vis jacket for warmth. We don’t all want to look like the bin man……

So now with the surgery slowly but surely approaching, it kind of becomes a bit harder to keep a stocked wardrobe as I am now in a position where I will no longer purchase any clothes unless it is absolutely necessary because to do so would be a waste of money. After the Gastric Sleeve is performed the weight loss should be quite extreme in the first few months. I have already dropped a waist size by sticking to my fasting diet and that is only the start. However, I suppose I am fortunate in that over the years to have purchased many tops that I have absolutely loved and thought “I will slim into that”. Now obviously “that” is about to happen am it means I now lucky enough to have about 20 ‘T’ shirts to look forward to wearing as my weight goes down. I also hope that once I have lost the weight I will still be able to wear a good deal of them, because to have kept the collection this long must really mean I like it!

So what do people do with their old clothes once the weight is off? I suppose you can give them to the charity shops as there is always a market for them there, or try to sell them. Well I think I have a solution which appears to work and I haven’t lost the weight yet! I sell mine on eBay. People cannot get enough of the RL stuff second-hand on eBay so I fulfil their requirements. In the first instance, I look after my clothes keeping them freshly laundered and hung up as opposed to folded up in the bottom of a drawer and forgotten about, so when I am fed up of it, or fancy and new one, I simply put it up for sale on eBay and incredibly get almost all of my money back! Hopefully this purchase/resale cycle will allow me to slim down without the huge cost implications or looking like I am wearing a tent whenever I want to put on something half decent and maybe go out for the day.

After all, I am fat not sartorially challenged.

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

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