Fat Bloke Exercising, Yesterday

Portly Pilates

So in a bid to step up my activity and keep myself busy whilst on the Intermittent Diet, as well as walking the dog, I have decided to have a go at a Pilates class.

Pilates for those of you that may not know was “invented” by Joseph Pilates. In the first instance is was actually called “Contrology”. Initially started between the 1930’s and 1940’s Pilates taught his exercises under this guise mainly to dancers and choreographers until his death in 1967 when it became much more widely studied and taught, going by the name of the inventor himself, Pilates. His teachings maintained that all movements come from the centre of the body, an area known as the powerhouse that stretches from lower ribs to the top of the pubic bone. When exercising, this part of the body is kept involved at all times with the emphasis on concentrating on the centre of the body as the exercise is performed. Today it has now grown into a system of exercises using both special apparatus and the body’s own natural resistance. Because the exercises all originate with the core, they require deep concentration in order to identify what muscles you wish to use at any given time, thus promoting mental awareness, physical strength, flexibility and good posture.

The thought of starting back at the gym frightens me because I am now so big in comparison to when I last attended a class (over six years ago) I’m not sure if I will be able to do it. I can only imagine what I might look like whilst performing the exercises – a sweaty and stiff barrel with legs and arms, rolling a round the floor with all the co-ordination of a whiskey crazed apache as my legs and arms thrash around in continual motion, stretching to degrees that are hitherto unknown for a waistline as big as mine.

I am sure it won’t be my finest hour.

So why put myself through it?

At the weekend I was speaking to a friend whom I had actually introduced to the Gym myself a few years ago and whereas I had decided to stop going all together, she had continued her daily attendance and reaped the rewards that regular activity produces, thus making her the ideal candidate to recommend the return to exercise on a gentle level. Having agreed, I now wonder why my mouth is always saying yes to things that are good for me before my brain has time to think about them. Stupid mouth.

So in order to attend the class this evening, I will need to take a trip back to my gym. This is somewhere I haven’t been for many years and to be honest, I don’t really know why because I am friendly with the owners, the people who work there are all very friendly and the entire place is set up to make you feel relaxed and kind of healthy just being in the environment. Because it is such an easy-going and welcoming place, I decided to call the gym yesterday. I spoke to my friend the owner and asked if it was a good idea to try the Pilates class. She said it was but I may be wiser to start at the men only class due to it being a little slower and lower intensity. To be honest, I don’t know if that makes me feel better about going or not. I am very nervous about it but I have read that it can be very helpful for people with back issues, joint issues and weight issues so attendance should really be a no brainer.

I suppose part of my problem is certainly the fear of the unknown which will hopefully not trigger an anxiety attack (something I have become prone to over the last few years, especially when I have something new to do) and also the fear that I will look more daft than usual and not be able to do it. Nine times out of ten however, when you start out thinking like this, you end up having a great time and cannot wait to go back. I can only hope that this is the way I feel and I start attending on a much more regular basis and getting my confidence back with each visit.

Wish me luck!

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

6 thoughts on “Portly Pilates

  1. Bad touch Bear says:

    I’ve had the same issues getting myself to the gym. Its a grinding mental process where I just cop-out at the end and say going for a walk is the equivalent to working out.
    In truth its not; although all I did use was the treadmill since I felt intimidated by other gym users.

    I’m not as ‘well rounded’ as you are but I have joint issues as well, I would suggest swimming BUT you’ve probably read on floordeboor’s blog there isn’t much burn-off of calories.

    My only suggestions for your mental sanity would be to wear proper fitted clothing, not something tight and after the session – follow up with something you find as a reward.
    Good luck!

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