Skinny, Yesterday.

Nothing Tastes As Good As Being Slim Feels

Day Two of the fasting diet. It’s actually going very well so there’s not much to report on the side effects of extreme calorie control. Things aren’t really as bad as one imagines they might be. I just drink the Yorkshire Gold Tea with 1% milk, try to stay focussed and busy and pretty soon the time passes. That and walking the dog in the perishing cold. I don’t believe either of us particularly enjoy it. We wrap up warm, yes Archie too, in his winter jumper and we walk braving the winter weather getting the blood pumping and the circulation going, the age-old trick for warming up.

Cold weather therefore must be good for my fitness and thus my diet. If I move quicker to stay warm, I expend more calories and on a fasting day that means burning off fat at a higher rate as it is not replenished as quickly due to the lack of intake. That said however, with an RMR (resting metabolic rate) of 1984 calories, all I would need do on an 800 calorie a day limit would be to stay in bed and the weight would simply fall off of me! That is not an option however. As The Smiths once sang “Oh the Devil will find work for idle hands to do” I can unfortunately state that never a truer word was spoke or sung. If I am left with nothing to do I shall immediately exercise my right to test the hinges on both my refrigerator and cupboard doors, on the half hour, every half hour.

This continual refrigerator surfing is where I learnt the saying “nothing tastes as good as being slim feels”. I recall my mother had a magnet on her fridge door many years ago saying just this and it has obviously stuck with me. Like a memory kept way in the back of your mind and seldom accessed until something you do brings it flashing forward such as putting on an item of clothing that has always felt a little tight and it surprises you by feeling just that little bit looser. The smile and feeling that it brings really does beat the taste of nearly anything I can think of, apart from maybe Salted Caramel Ice Cream. But thats a different matter all together 😉

On Sunday I went out for lunch and if you are like me then you need to choose clothes that are comfortable, make you feel good, not look too fat and are still comfortable after eating. This can be quite a task as I am sure you might well agree. Something that looks fine one day may not be acceptable the next time you try it on even though your weight may not have changed and physically there is no difference in your body or the item since the last time you wore it. This makes finding what you want to wear quite a chore at times but we muddle through and eventually find something suitable that gives us confidence and comfort in equal measure. I had that very issue yesterday, but for the other reason. The trousers I chose were uncomfortable because they were too big.

Amazing. I had only been dieting again since the beginning of January yet I had dropped enough weight that a pair of jeans I wore were so loose around the waist that they needed the belt to be tightened to such a degree they bunched and became uncomfortable. “This is great” I thought to myself and I took a new pair of jeans I had been waiting to fit into and tried them on. The fit was perfect, enough room to move and enough room to expand at lunch. Things only got better from then on, the shirt I picked out didn’t stretch across my stomach and the jumper I chose was loose enough that I didn’t feel it was clinging to my body like a straitjacket. Even the jacket I pulled on over my shoulders as I walked down the stairs allowed me to zip it up without looking like it was ready to burst.

Happy days! Things were working and going in the right direction. Then this morning I googled the statement in question and was quite horrified at the negative connotation that it now produces. The word slim has been replaced with the word skinny and instead of pleasant pictures of people being happy with their weight, feeling slim and enjoying the body shape their genes have given them, there were pictures of tortured anorexics, starving children and because she once said it, tens of pictures of the vacuous (far from) “Super Model” Kate Moss.

This is not what this is about. This is a statement that should be giving the dieter positive reinforcement of their lifestyle choice in their bid to live a healthier life, yet it has been hijacked and turned into something twisted.

Now I read the statement “Nothing Tastes As Good As Being Fit And Healthy Feels” and have to admit that in this day and age, it is more realistic because weight loss shouldn’t be about being skinny or fitting into a pair of jeans or a top, it should be about being healthy and making healthy choices. Too much pressure from photoshopped “Lifestyle” magazine pictures has twisted the world into believing that a specific body shape is the only acceptable look and I for one am never going to fit that mould, but better still I for one am never going to fall for the lie that you have to look like that if you want to be healthy.

If healthy for me is carrying a smile and a slight paunch after my weight loss is complete, as opposed to a six-pack and a grimace, bring it on.

After all, I’m the Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet.

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

4 thoughts on “Nothing Tastes As Good As Being Slim Feels

    • Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

      Hi there, no problem.
      Okay, it is a relatively simple diet, I watch what I eat everyday (as we all do!) meaning low fat, low calorie (where permissible) and try not to have too much of it but as I am what is called a “Constant Craver” I literally want food every 20 minutes! So I combat that with good old Yorkshire Tea and a bit of self discipline. If however it gets too much, I will give in to it and get an apple or a yoghurt or even a nature bar biscuit thing (you know the sort, look healthy but aren’t!) Being a male who is in the upper reaches of 25 stone, I am allowed considerably more calories than a woman of normal weight given that my resting metabolic rate is nearly 2000 calories before I start to move!
      Anyway, I try very hard to keep my calorie intake at around 1500 to 1800 per day but two days of the week, I do a semi fast where I only take in 800 calories or below. For example yesterday I did not eat until two o’clock when I had an apple then I next ate at around 7pm when I had a chicken salad followed but fruit and 0%fat yogurt. Add this to a cup of tea and a biscuit before bed and we are looking at 700 calories for the day. I also walked my dog and according to the app on the phone, I burnt of 381 cals whilst doing that.Happy days.
      Basically I eat normally (as I said watching everything but not starving myself) for 5 days then for two straight days it is a maximum of 800 calories.
      And I have given up bread so my carb intake is dramatically reduced.
      I am not sure if in the UAE you will be able to watch BBC iPlayer, but if you can, please look up What’s The Right Diet For You? It is a real eye opener.

      Good Luck


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