Perfectly Proportioned

Yesterday I was looking through my desk drawer for some Bariatric Surgery information when I came across some result sheets that had been printed for me after I had undergone my full body scan when partaking in the OSA – Obstructive Sleep Apnoea clinical trial. I have no idea how it works but it kind of scans your body like a computer scanner, pictures all the fat you are carrying on your frame and then works out percentages of fat in each particular body part.

Very clever.

The machine, not me.

Ocdem Scan One    Ocdem Scan Two

Now although it was two years ago, the results are still fairly relevant. The figures are only slightly less than those quoted because and even though my weight has gone down I would imagine the percentages are very much the same.

It is interesting to see that as I had reported in a previous blog, I wear the bulk of my weight around my midriff as opposed to all over the body. The darker parts are really where the fat is most densely proportioned so that would say that around my legs the colouring is much lighter and continues to be so as we reach the extremities meaning I don’t have fat fingers or toes.

Which Is Nice.

So with all of the weight being carried around my middle and chest, it is obviously a concern for my cardio vascular system because let’s face it, if you can see it on the outside, there is most certainly fat lying around on the inside.

And that is where the worry is.

Carrying weight around the major organs is not good for me. The heart especially. It is a muscle and needs to move freely, yet I have chosen to slow it down with a generous helping of lard each day, so much so, it is at the point where it is working harder than it should do just to get me up a flight of stairs or even along a slight incline of a pavement. When you think about it this is absolutely ridiculous behaviour. All of the junk food I have eaten over the years has done this to me yet I carried on happily because I wasn’t harming my body the same way as if I smoked 40 Marlboro a day or drank half a bottle of brandy and 10 pints of cider. I was doing it the nice way.

Fat therefore is the silent killer of all silent killers.

47 years old and I am only just now putting two and two together correctly.

All the fat I carry is a relentless pressure on my internal organs, it slows me down on the outside, then slows me down on the inside, then in the worst case scenario, had I not gotten myself onto the Bariatric Program, it could eventually of made it almost impossible to move. It’s incredible that I ever let it get to this stage but I never thought about it because as I worked so hard at keeping fit, I never thought I should have to work hard thinking about what I was putting in my body. Then all of a sudden, I was no longer keeping fit, but I was still piling in the calories. I took no notice when anything was done to raise the issue that the things I ate were really that bad for me and this weight I carried really was going to kill me. This is a typical reason of why we have a nation of fat people, myself included.

Blissful Ignorance.

But not because of anyone else’s fault but our own. I chose not to listen or digest the warnings because they were not drummed in to me. They were always there in the back ground, but because I was enjoying myself, I never gave them a second thought. I genuinely knew there were issues, but I didn’t allow myself to be educated and now I am one of many of a generation who let themselves down by choosing to know better and letting taste control their lives.

I heard on the radio today that things appear to be changing for the better and there is slight decline in overweight and obese children. This is good news. Common sense is starting to fight back. Children today are made aware at school of what a proper healthy diet is. School dinners are no longer pizza or pie and chips but have considerable quantities of the child’s five a day requirements in each meal. Finally, I believe that every child has a water bottle that they sip from all day long, never allowing themselves to dehydrate and thus confuse thirst with hunger. Actions like are just another example of education hopefully turning the tide against the war on obesity.

People can never believe when I tell them I am nearly twenty-six stone in weight. I always put this huge weight down to all the fat that shows but now I know there is a great deal of fat around my organs, affecting how they work. I have started to realise why people were surprised at that figure.

I also see on the scan that my bones are dark with my skull being the almost black. Apparently the key is, the darker the bone the denser the bone and we all know that when something is dense, it is heavy. This must therefore mean that I am also heavy boned which would account for the fact when I was very heavily into fitness and weight training, I could still never get below eighteen stone which made no sense. I was quite a size and packed with muscle with very little visible fat but I was also cardio vascular fit so there would not have been much in the way of internal fat issues. It made no sense.

Until now.

Until I saw how dark my skull was in the scan.

How thick is that head!

Say’s it all really.

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

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