A Game Show , Yesterday.

Come On Down, You’ve Hit The Jackpot!

I start today bright-eyed and bushy-tailed after a satisfactory nights sleep even though I wore a mask designed to blow pressurised air up my nose in an attempt to keep my airways open. It’s not a particularly enjoyable experience, but a necessary one to cope with the OSA I spoke of in yesterday’s post. It took a little time to get to the much desired REM state but thanks to the Doctors intervention and offer of the Nasal Steroids, I finally did. This morning I awoke much later than I thought I would and also a good deal fresher, so with that as a kicking off point, I think I can safely say that from this moment on, things may be looking good and we could finally be nearing the start finish line at the end of the fist lap.

Yesterday was a good day.

Actually, Yesterday, was a GREAT day!

I am through to the next round of the Bariatric Game 🙂

“Cameron McCulloch, Come On Down!”

Break for Applause.

More Applause

And…. Thank you 😉

Yesterday morning saw me make the monthly trip to the Bariatric Service at the Churchill Hospital in Oxford. I was going to visit the dietitian and see all of the other smiling and friendly faces of the team. Honestly, it never ceases to amaze me how happy everyone who works there really is. I honestly never see a glum face. It has to be one of the most warm and welcoming departments in the hospital.

I arrived on time and checked in – smile and took my place in the waiting room. I had only been waiting for a short while when Caroline, said dietitian came out to greet me – smile and take me for the weigh in and a catch up. As we walked through the building I saw the Bariatric Nurse, Lisa who cheerily said hello – smile, then a new face that I had never seen before also greeted me with kindness – another smile!

As I floated along on a wave of happy faces, we soon arrived at the weigh in room. I wasn’t particularly looking forward to this part. Although I have been good over the recent while, the last weigh in was before Christmas so I was expecting the festivities to still have taken their toll on my target weight, but no, I got on the scales and things weren’t as bad as I thought. I was down and because of that I was now up 😉 After noting the weight loss, we went through to Caroline’s office and sat down for a chat. It was the usual, how is it going, what have you been up to kind of deal and as I spoke, she made notes and referred back to earlier meetings. All very multi-tasky!

As we hit a lull in the conversation, Caroline took the opportunity to inform me that with this months weight loss, I had now reached a primary target laid out on my first visit to the clinic and she now felt I was ready to be put forward for the next stage of the Bariatric Procedure 🙂

She remained calm; and whilst I smiled and bubbled on the outside, on the inside I was high fiving the world and punching the sky!!

What this all means is that they will discuss my case file at their next Multi Discipline Team Meeting. A meeting where the separate members of the weight loss team get together and each discuss their own departments point of view in regards to my case. For example, the dietitian will offer her views on whether my diet has shown signs of improvement, the surgeons will consider the results of my latest tests and various other team members will offer their learned points of view as the entire team holds my future in their hands…… in the end, it will come down to a Yay or a Nay vote from each of them that will result in me either being bumped for another month or finally getting a date for the operation.

I’m hoping for the latter.

A date for the operation is obviously a fantastic point to get to and relatively self-explanatory, however, it also has another significant stipulation attached to it. It means I will need to get my calendar out and work out the date three weeks back from it. The starting date of the mythical three-week 800 calories a day diet. I have to say, this really was the part I was looking forward to the least, until I managed to complete a week of the Intermittent Fasting Diet – as recommended in the Horizon program “What’s The Right Diet For You”. I may have mentioned in previous posts, I am what is called a “Constant Craver” and thus crave crappy food all the time yet somehow, on the two days when I was limited to the 800 calories, I didn’t lose the plot and I managed to get through it not craving the crappy food any more often than I would usually.This has filled me with positivity and a renewed desire to succeed.

To be honest, since appearing on Radio and TV along with starting this whole blog thing, this entire part of my life feels like it has changed. I hope I am not “tempting providence” as my old dad would have said, but I am now really beginning to see the wood instead of the trees. I am starting to feel positive about the whole weight loss issue. For once I know that the team behind this success have only got my best interests at heart and that people actually have faith in me meeting my deadlines. It’s a great feeling knowing I am finally positive enough to succeed in my pre op diet but it will be an even greater feeling when I have set a date to go to Marks And Spencer and choose some new pyjamas for my stay in hospital.

I’m hoping for a Buzz Lightyear pair.

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

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