A Game Show , Yesterday.

Come On Down, You’ve Hit The Jackpot!

I start today bright-eyed and bushy-tailed after a satisfactory nights sleep even though I wore a mask designed to blow pressurised air up my nose in an attempt to keep my airways open. It’s not a particularly enjoyable experience, but a necessary one to cope with the OSA I spoke of in yesterday’s post. It took a little time to get to the much desired REM state but thanks to the Doctors intervention and offer of the Nasal Steroids, I finally did. This morning I awoke much later than I thought I would and also a good deal fresher, so with that as a kicking off point, I think I can safely say that from this moment on, things may be looking good and we could finally be nearing the start finish line at the end of the fist lap.

Yesterday was a good day.

Actually, Yesterday, was a GREAT day!

I am through to the next round of the Bariatric Game 🙂

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