Everything Through A Straw

Well, I am honestly surprised at what I am about to say.

Yesterday, the first day of my two-day 800 calories per day limit, wasn’t too bad at all. I mean don’t get me wrong it was absolutely bloody awful, but it really wasn’t too bad. I managed to get through the day, so a big tick to me on that one, I didn’t try to kill anyone, break anything, eat a small child as they innocently passed by or even kick the dog.

Well done me

Well not really, I mean come on, all I’ve done is managed a day on third rations. I did what anyone can do, it’s not like it was forever. But here, in the western world where we have food mountains going to waste and fast food advertisements 24hrs a day, it is thought of as an achievement. Okay then, I’ll take the praise and support but in my heart of hearts, I really see that this is less of an achievement and more of a sensible option.

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